Ask first

Ask these questions about the jail before voting.

Do we need a new jail? I believe we do.

It surprises me that the inmates haven’t banded together and filed a class action suit.

Read the qualification for a correction facility. Now refer to the article in the Sept. 28 Lewiston Tribune.

A lot of things were brought out that I have covered in the past about the aquatic center and how the taxpayers’ money was wasted on it.

The original bond was $6.7 million. The Asotin County commissioners refinanced it three times, at a cost to the taxpayers of $2 million, all done without the taxpayers’ approval.

Now it’s a burden on the taxpayers.

Why doesn’t a private enterprise want it? Stop the refinancing. What’s the current balance after these years?

Every day, I see city and county officers drive past the same law violations and do nothing. Why?

Check their daily logs. Are they that busy? I’ll bet not.

So what are they doing?

Before being burdened with more taxes, find the hidden costs, such as where’s the location?

If it’s not on county land, then the $13 million will not build the facility.

And when will the commissioners get the port district, aquatic center and, maybe, the cemetery district off the taxpayers’ burden?

Check these things out. It’s a matter of public record.

Jim Griffin


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