Endorses Love

Renee Love has my vote for Idaho House District 5. Each time I see her — usually at her Moscow Farmers Market booth — I am impressed with her intelligence and honesty. Talk with her a bit and you, too, will come to realize she cares deeply for the well-being of her fellow citizens.

Love is a climate scientist and knows remaining proactive in the face of a changing climate is of the utmost importance. All of us are either being impacted by changing climate or know someone who is being impacted — think of all the millions of acres burned, the hundreds of homes lost and the many lives gone in wildfires just this year.

Love is committed to being honest and transparent in her work to represent Idaho’s citizens.

Please vote for Renee Love. It’s a vote for all of us.

Evelyn Simon


Challenges Rusche

There is more than a whiff of a superior ideology from my medical colleague, Dr. John Rusche (Sept. 30).

Independent thought is not to be tolerated. In medicine, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis was persecuted to commit suicide for proving maternal mortality could be reduced by 90 percent by hand washing.

In my specialty, ophthalmology, contact lenses, lasik and intraocular lenses were blocked by the establishment.

Many physicians, myself included, are aware of studies showing that most masks don’t work. Hospitals were required and given huge payments ($40,000) by government agencies to report a death as due to COVID-19 if the virus was present, but not the cause of death.

Instead of 210,000 COVID-19 deaths, the true number is about 21,000.

The most vulnerable are the aged and those with significant medical problems. President Donald Trump’s recovery with appropriate treatment is part of the 95 percent recovery for his age group.

Rusche erroneously implies that exposure means death. It is OK to have Black Lives Matter marches, with widespread rioting, destruction and deaths, nearly all in areas run by radical leftists, but not outside Gospel singing.

The radicals would permanently silence us as “deplorables” and make us give up “deep seated religious and political beliefs.”

The Los Angeles public health director exposed the true agenda by stating the COVID-19-altered school year will be decided after the 2020 presidential election.

It is the left that actually does everything they accuse us of doing.

Richard J. Eggleston


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