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My daughter is in eighth grade at Sacajawea. She is on a travel team from Spokane.

Her team was planning on traveling to Lewiston to be in the Battle Basketball Tournament, since there are no tournaments happening in Spokane or Washington state. ...

My daughter was thrilled that she could play in her own community and proud that she could show off this new high school.

Now one person has taken that away from our basketball community family. ...

When did the mental health of our children take a back seat to one person’s view? They have given up almost everything since March, and now this.

They had something to look forward to, that keeps them motivated, worth getting out of bed, worth keeping their grades up.

With all the protocols, which were more stringent than the tournaments in Nampa, there should have been no issue having this tournament. Every spectator was to be wearing a mask. Coaches would wear a mask. Players who were not playing were to be wearing a mask. There were limited numbers of fans. ...

We are in support of the tournaments, first of all for the joy and mental health of our athletes.

The tournament is putting out very strict guidelines that are in cooperation with the school and city.

Each family can choose on their own whether to attend the games or just allow athletes to play. ... Our local economy could benefit and we could control the protocols if we keep games local.

Bridget Albright


Trump’s irresponsible

President Donald Trump claims “60 Minutes” treated him unfairly because he was asked “tough questions” and Joe Biden wasn’t.

How childish.

Trump’s avoidance of tough questions proves ... he can’t answer them.

Consider his answers to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. He claims he saved millions of lives, but that would be correct only if nothing was done to confront the pandemic. That is like comparing your conduct to someone who is dead.

The tough questions are:

Could he have done a better job?

Why did he put everyone in the White House in danger by not following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines?

Is he still lying to us by downplaying the pandemic and telling us to ignore CDC scientists?

Instead of confronting these questions, Trump promises a vaccine immediately. But that is an empty promise just like promises that he will release his taxes, the virus will disappear and he has a better health care plan that will protect people with preexisting conditions.

Like a child who is caught making a mess, he will promise anything to avoid punishment. If he has a better plan, why hasn’t he done it already? Trump will not be giving us a vaccine. Scientists are doing that. What Trump is doing is undercutting the scientists who are telling us how to take the pandemic seriously. ...

Trump claims he is not responsible, he is the victim and the media should pick on someone else.

But we need a leader. ...

Myron Schreck


Testing the waters

American leftists voice disdain for the core of our splendid culture and unique history. They wish to destroy our civilization and replace it with Magicland, where everything you want is free and nobody has to work.

Truth is what you want it to be and reality is an outdated concept.

They profess to be champions of equality unless you are Christian, conservative or Republican who are targeted for vociferous and physical assault.

They despise the wealthy yet they are obedient to nefarious billionaires such as George Soros, who enable compromised politicians and promote group thought via media, academia and trained Marxist community organizers. The U.S. Constitution defines “Powers from the Consent of the Governed,” not politicians and their political correctness.

Political correctness is the root of divisiveness and the enemy of all civilizations. Far left, far right or any particular group are not the majority of the governed.

Useful idiots yell, sling baseless accusations and wreak havoc. Various U.S. governing bodies are testing the waters of tyranny with questionable mandates and reverence for useful idiots.

Camille Hattrup


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