Returning the money

My wife and I requested mail-in ballots for the upcoming presidential election. We received the ballot by mail. The postage on the mail to us was $1.40 for each letter. The return had postage of $1.20 each.

I feel that we should be responsible for the $2.60 postage charges, not the county election department. The department should not have to pay these charges with the taxpayer’s money.

I would suggest that they put a note with the ballot that says: “You may reimburse us for postage if you wish.”

We are returning money for the postage.

I hope other people will follow this example.

Vaughn Jasper


Losses mounting up

So the Clarkston city attorney, Todd Richardson, blows a legal case for the city of Clarkston costing taxpayers $25,000. And now we have a “clerical error,” costing the city of Clarkston taxpayers $103,000. This is unbelievable mismanagement especially coming from a mayor, Monika Lawrence, who ran on being fiscally responsible.

Who’s going to be held accountable for these huge losses?

Richardson still has his job and only one brave city council member voted no on the $103,000 loss. Is there going to be any accountability at all?

Richard Hayward II


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