Elect McGeachin

Chuck Malloy’s column simply misses the point. Janice McGeachin was a great legislator and a great lieutenant governor as well.

She has worked tirelessly against the mandates of our present governor throughout the past 1½ years without success. The governor simply has not been listening. Not only has he not been answering emails, he’s not even answering the phone.

The problem is that McGeachin is not for more government tyranny, but less. She has continued to work tirelessly for an end to the pandemic controls and for freedom to choose on the part of all Idahoans.

What she did in the absence of the governor was heroic. She should have been praised, not condemned.

I know it is more than a year until the next election for governor. But we need to start now to remind people how unAmerican our present governor has been. He certainly does not deserve another term.

McGeachin is the only one running who has the experience the position needs. Others running need to drop out and support her.




Pray for the Jews

Marc Thiessen’s Sept. 26 commentary titled “The Squad’s anti-Semitism takes a deadly turn” stated that “some progressives forced Nancy Pelosi to remove $1 billion in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system from an emergency spending bill to keep the federal government open.”

Thiessen described this as an “absolute disgrace” and pointed out that thousands of rockets were indiscriminately fired into Israel by Hamas and Islamic jihad in the month of May alone, from the Gaza strip, with 1,500 of them “headed to residential neighborhoods,” though the Iron Dome captured 90 percent of them.

My understanding is that the money was ultimately added back into the bill, thankfully. However, Thiessen called out a “deeper problem of Jew-hatred in their ranks.”

Columnist Dennis Prager, a Jew, obviously concerned about the climate as well, wrote a commentary appearing in the Oct. 3 Lewiston Tribune titled “If Nazis returned to power, who would hide a Jew?”

I wish Prager and other Jews could feel overwhelming reassurances of safety and support, especially here in the U.S., but dire questions arise.

Since the Bible talks about prayer for everyone but specifically mentions praying “for the peace of Jerusalem” — and given the tumultuous signs of the times, bookmarks with ways to pray for Israel were given to area churches.

However, one large Christian church (board members apparently) recently refused to allow attendees the simple optional availability, deeming them “too controversial.”

Perhaps Prager’s next column might instead ask: “Who will simply pray for Jews?”

Ronda Granlund


Tousley’s a perfect fit

With up to 12 candidates for Lewiston City Council and only six or seven positions to fill, depending on which form of government the voters choose, how will you decide? I hope you will consider Rick Tousley.

I was fortunate to meet Tousley in 2016 while we were registering voters at Lewis-Clark State College.

He had been a teacher in the state of Idaho for 33 years, retiring in 2013.

As many of you probably know, being a teacher requires a special personality: creativity, patience, caring, devotion to duty and, in Idaho, frugality — a perfect fit for a city councilor.

Vote for Rick Tousley.

Loretta Anderson


Traitors among us

With all of the treason being committed by President Joe (Xiden) Biden, Anthony (FauXi) Fauci, Chuck (Xiumer) Schumer, Nancy (PeloXi) Pelosi and the entire supporting cast of elected Democrats in Congress, I have a burning question:

Does anyone else begin reading a book by reading the final few pages to learn who’s left at the end of the tale? My wife does this. Her strategy baffles me. I thought the point of a mystery was to be mysterious.

Her book reading strategy is completely incomprehensible to me, just as are the openly treasonous acts being foisted upon America by George (Xioros) Soros and his ilk. (However, the billionaire Xioros, as a private citizen, is free to purchase as many traitors as his money can buy.)

Where is the impeachment clamor now that there is obvious treachery and loss of reason? As memory serves, millions were spent to impeach the previous president on rumor, speculation and innuendo (twice). Now, the evidence is clearly before us, and what do we hear? Crickets.

My recommendation is that we all reduce our daily intake to 1,800 calories and begin teaching our children to read and speak Chinese. That would be a far more practical use of time than teaching critical race theory.

Or, perhaps we should start a GoFundMe page to collect monies to purchase one of Hunter (HunXier) Biden’s paintings.

Mike Fischer