How low?

I see by the flyer in my mailbox today that Caroline Nilsson Troy, the Republican incumbent in one of Latah and Benewah counties’ seats in the Idaho House of Representatives, and Brandon Mitchell, who is seeking the other seat being vacated by Bill Goesling, are running as a team in the Nov. 3 election. In addition to promising to defend gun rights and oppose abortion, both say they will “support 21st century education.”

I wonder what kind of education that is. Mitchell, remember, said during his primary campaign for the seat that legislators “spend way too much money on things.” Because the biggest thing they do spend money on is education, do he and Troy propose they can spend less for a “21st century education”?

Idaho already provides fewer dollars per public school student than any other state in the nation. And its financial support for schools of higher education like the University of Idaho is similarly stingy. The question for Troy and Mitchell is: How much lower do they want to go?

Jim Fisher


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