Vote for Trump

This election is about more than President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden. It is about the direction that each party wants to take our country.

I can understand why you might dislike Trump. But I would challenge you to not let your dislike or hatred for Trump outweigh your love for our country. ...

Trump is probably the last vestige between our republic and socialism or Marxism.

The left controls the Democratic Party. The left wants to destroy (“fundamentally transform”) America. A Biden win would validate all that the left stands for.

Do you really want to live in a country that

l Bows to Black Lives Matter (founded by three avowed Marxists and wants to abolish the nuclear family, police, prisons and capitalism)?

l Says we are “systemically racist”?

l Supports riots?

l Wants to defund the police?

l Supports suppression of free speech by Big Tech and universities?

l Supports a cancel culture based on your religion or political beliefs?

l Supports the Green New Deal, further ruining an economy in ruins from draconian Democratic lockdowns?

l Wants to take your guns?

l Supports “guilty until proven innocent” (Brett Kavanaugh hearings)?

l Believes in infanticide?

l Rewrites history (1619 Project)?

l Has in Congress Democrats who are anti-Semites and Israel haters?

l Is planning chaos after the election (Google Transition Integrity Project, read it in their own words)?

Please look at the big picture. For the sake of our country, put your Trump hatred aside.

Bruce Crossfield


Scrutinize sheriff’s deputies

In regard to the article concerning the Nez Perce County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office letter against Sheriff Joe Rodriguez in the Oct. 4 Lewiston Tribune: I strongly recommend some Nez Perce County Sheriff’s deputies be scrutinized in the same manner. There are certain individuals who are employed under Rodriguez’s leadership who lack the integrity and moral fortitude to wear a badge. I worked in law enforcement previously and the interactions I have had with some of his staff is concerning.

There is unprofessionalism, an absence of knowledge to uphold the law and a misinformed belief that once the uniform is off, a code of ethics no longer applies.

I agree with the prosecuting attorney’s decision to no longer support a dual relationship with Rodriguez and am asking, as a law-abiding taxpayer, to also consider greater scrutiny against certain deputies when moving forward in a court of law. A lack of leadership is no excuse for a sheriff’s office to abuse the public’s trust.

Lydia Jaramillo


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