Speaking out

I wonder what’s going to happen when people start coming forward about some of the deputies at the Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Office instead of the deputies just speaking out against Sheriff Joe Rodriguez.

Keep an eye out, Lewiston. There may be some upcoming job openings.

Rhonda Blue Thunder


City is transparent

The city of Lewiston lacks transparency. And yet it has advisory groups that citizens can go to with ideas and complaints.

The city streams several of its advisory meetings. It streams the city council’s work sessions and regular meetings. The city has a website where citizens can go to find a multitude of contact information. Also on this website there is Open.gov where the citizen can find where his tax money is being spent down to the check level.

The city clerk can provide up to 100 pages of free copies of written information upon request of the citizen.

Does Nez Perce County do all this? By the way, what does “other issues” include on the county commissioners’ agendas? Does the city of Lewiston have “other issues”?

Why does the city decrease its property tax rate by 12 percent when the city council is not up for election while the county keeps a zero percent property tax rate increase during a year in which county Commissioners Doug Havens and Don Beck are facing an election?

Does a zero percent property tax rate increase mean my taxes aren’t going up even though my property value has gone up and my 50 percent Homestead Exemption is capped at $100,000?

Yes, the city lacks transparency, according to some. But then, don’t throw stones when you live in a unsafe courthouse.

Ged W Randall


Vote for Shinn

Reelect Brian Shinn for another term as Asotin County commissioner, District No. 1. It’s nice to have someone who knows how to listen to issues, no matter what political views you have. There’s always a hello and the door to his office in Asotin is always open.

Raymond Quillen


Sheriff has a mole

This letter is for Nez Perce County Sheriff Joe Rodriguez.

First, it was the union. Now it’s the prosecuting attorney’s office.

Sounds like you have a Serpico in your department.

Nothing like a deputy who is one way to your face and working all the angles behind your back.

Reggie Crimson

Coeur d’Alene

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