Clarity, please

Perhaps the Lewiston Tribune editors could assist or guide the local columnists toward content limits for clarity in the composition so that readers can follow the logical progression of the communication and respond appropriately within the 250 words or less limits afforded them. It is nearly impossible to respond to Marvin F. Dugger because his column is all over the board with incomplete information and most paragraphs could be scrolled as memes on Facebook.

There is no historical context, no democratic scientific consensus, no other cultural references to consider, no psychological clarity or content framework provided for readers to establish as support to a logical argument. I must wonder if this is on purpose.

Incomplete information dumps are used to confuse people where numerous issues are stated as truth without supportive syllogistically placed propositions to reach a logical conclusion.

Recently, Dugger started with the topic of political correctness and from there readers were whipped through victimhood, divisive language, capitalism, socialism, abortion, kneeling protests, COVID-19, riots, press-protected sources, crime, police funding, hunting police officers, property protection using guns, police violence on people of color — particularly Black men — and lastly, liberal mayors.

Whew. Where to start?

I realize this is the opinion of another person, or rather plural, opinions. But each of these topics deserves to be presented and discussed in depth and with appropriate supportive evidence.

It weakens Dugger’s opinion to drivel when presented in this manner.

Karen Ransom


Pick your side

Which do you agree with most?

Left :

Taxes — Raise.

Abortion —Use tax money up to full term.

Borders — Open.

Police — Defund.

Health — Government insurance only.

Energy — Clean wind, solar.

Voting — Mail-in ballots to all over 18 years.

Guns — Limit types and ammunition.

Trade — Tariffs and controls.

Education — Public only.

Government — More employees.

Jobs — More foreign workers.

Finance — Socialism.

Military — Reduce size.

Sanctuary cities — Use federal taxes to pay for needs of noncitizens.

Climate change — Man-made. ...

Government — More regulation.

Unions — Must belong to work on some jobs.

Supreme Court — Constitution is a living document. ...

Faith — No God or prayer on government property.

Black lives matter.

Ballots printed in many other languages. ...

People who serve in the military can be citizens of other countries. ...


Taxes — lower.

Abortion — Limited to life, rape and incest.

Borders — Enforce immigration laws.

Police — Fund.

Health — Government and private.

Energy — Develop all sources to be efficient.

Voting — Use picture ID, in person or absentee.

Guns — Right to bear arms.

Trade —Free trade.

Education — Public, private, home and charter.

Government — Fewer employees.

Jobs — Hire more citizens.

Finance — Capitalism.

Military — Build, new and improve.

Sanctuary cities — Government won’t pay for noncitizens.

Climate change — ... Natural and constantly changing.

Government — Fewer regulations.

Unions — Right to work

Supreme Court — Rule by Constitution. ...

Faith — Free to pray.

All lives matter. ...

Ballots — Printed in English only.

People who serve in the military must be citizens of the USA. ...

Support the president of your choice ...

Judy Hendrickson


Taking on China

Our internal problems are manageable. Those occurring outside our borders are more of a challenge.

My father’s generation won World War II. My generation won the Cold War.

President Ronald Reagan said, “Mr. (Mikhail) Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” On Dec. 26, 1991, the Supreme Soviet voted to dissolve the USSR. The left proposed we become a one world government under a United Nations-style ruling body. Anyone with a brain knows that can never happen when a country such as the People’s Republic of China seeks world domination.

China possesses the population, resources and resolve to make that a possibility. President Richard Nixon opened the China door. President George W. Bush brought them into the World Trade Organization. He also granted them most favored nation standing status with the U.S. Between 2001 and 2016, China built itself into a world military and economic power. It proposes leading the world in those categories by 2040.

There is ample blame to assign to both Republican and Democrat administrations.

China outnumbers the U.S. in combat ships and submarines by 350 to 293. They have more modern fighters and bombers in that part of the world. They have the second largest economy in the world.

President Donald Trump acknowledges these realities and turned us around. It is my fear that a Joe Biden administration would return us to business as usual status with China and allow them to continue their runaway growth.

Donald Johnson


Was it karma?

Donald Trump, the sitting president of the USA, along with the first lady have tested positive for COVID-10. If ever there was an affirmation of karma, this is it.

After months of ignoring, denying and, as he admitted, downplaying the highly contagious virus, he’s once again been bitten on his ample butt. Trump has been successful in turning mask wearing or social distancing into a political statement and his base of conspiratorially minded, science-deniers and the right wing “media” jumped on the B.S. bandwagon and refuse to assist in America’s attempt at lessening the spread and body count.

There are supporters of Trump wearing masks; they’re called the Ku Klux Klan. Hilariously and ironically, anti-maskers consider themselves patriots. ...

In what reality does contributing to the deaths and illnesses of fellow Americans considered patriotic?

Trump’s ignoring and misinforming caused many tens of thousand of unnecessary American deaths —maybe hundreds of thousands when it’s all said and done. His motivations were never about safety — only his reelection bid.

Scientists and medical researchers worldwide overwhelmingly conclude that the ill effects of this pandemic could be minimized through safety precautions but the conspiracy crowd, as they do with climate change, choose to believe the outliers, the 1 or 2 percent of scientists, researchers and experts who disagree with the general consensus. ...

Joe Biden ... takes this pandemic seriously and follows and encourages safety protocols. ... A vote for Biden is a vote to restore the sanity of this great nation.

Johnnie Martinez


Defends Tribune and police

Thank you, Alice Jacobson, for your letter referring to the attacks on the Lewiston Tribune. It made good sense, without the tunnel vision that some who write into the Tribune seem to have.

Steve Barnett, you were right on in my book. It hurts me that the police are not appreciated. Who would want to go through what they live with everyday? ...

Those men in the news lately who were shot and recorded were not law-abiding citizens. They all had been in trouble with the law many times and were caught once again disobeying the law. It’s too bad they had gotten into the situation they were in, but that wasn’t the police officers’ fault. You might say it’s like Russian roulette. ...

So don’t talk to me about defunding the police. Yes, they need more training in how not to overreact. Most are dedicated to their communities, to keep us safe. I know some should find another profession. They are young and inexperienced and too quick to pull the trigger. ...

Those people who think they could do it better should go out on a few shifts to see what the police are putting up with out there. ...

Danny Radakovich sees the complaints to the Tribune as those who like to dish it out, but just can’t take it themselves. I know some people like that and they eventually isolate themselves. I like what Radakovich said about “putting on your big pants and move on. ...”

Darlene Plant


Keep your freedom

In regard to Wyatt Cole’s Sept. 23 letter: In your letter, as I can tell, you have no use for Donald Trump, our president.

Well, here are some facts.

President Barack Obama tried to change the USA into a socialist country. He did not make it but it was a start.

Trump has tried his hardest to ward it off. Remember: A socialist country is not free. If you do not agree with it, you got the ax.

You do not own anything. The government owns it all. You need to go online and read “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model.”

Black Lives Matter is Marxist hate dressed up as social justice. This is the way communism warps your mind.

When all of this is done, it will be history. Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Vladimi Lenin were the ones who are the backbone of communism.

This is what is going on today with the Democratic Party.

Trump is not perfect but you are free to think and do what you like.

You better think about it hard.

I also have seen your Sept. 27 letter.

You should change your mind and keep your freedom.

Ken Oenning


Sample both sides

... One of the concerns I have is the thought that many people are uninformed about the candidates and the issues. My fear is that most of the time people only watch one TV channel or listen to only one radio station or podcast. My fear is they feel that any other viewpoint is fake news.

When I was young (I am showing my age here), you could turn on the three TV stations and see and hear the same news report or commentary with almost no bias. You could get the same information about any of the candidates and learn about their issues from all the channels. ...

Today, you turn to channels responsible for delivering the news and you only hear the views of the person delivering the news. Rarely are the facts the same across networks. Instead of reporting the common factors and letting the general public make their decisions, the media is telling the viewer their opinion of the news story. No matter how you feel about President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden, the commentators’ twisted information is all you hear. ...

Take the time to learn as much as you can and weigh the issues on both sides. Watch CNN for one week and then watch one week of Fox News. ...

Listen to all sides and then make your decision on what you believe is the truth or the right path for our country. ...

Don’t let others choose for you.

Linda Farrington


Lots of sick people here

I really didn’t believe there was a shortage of physicians and medical personnel before the COVID-19 shutdown.

Now, however, I realize that the valley is full of people who are truly ill with pre-existing conditions, taxing the system.

Rosauers, Winco, the post office and others all have signs noting that masks are required or recommended unless one has a special medical condition that makes them difficult to wear.

Going inside, there were dozens who didn’t have masks on. I realized how truly sick the valley citizens and visitors are.

I could see that one or two had trouble breathing. Some had behavioral disorders. And others were highly infected with stubbornness and some thinly disguised arrogance.

They were all confident they were not carriers of COVID-19.

I was proud to protect them from me, if necessary. The ones I knew to be severely compromised, or who didn’t want to be, were wearing masks.

By the way, none of the mask wearers had gone to the city council meeting with an action item on a mask advisory for fear of becoming COVID-19 victims.

Observing so many severely ill as they coveted the best vegetables in the stores bins or the mail in the postal boxes, I have become a believer. We don’t have enough physicians to treat the weak among us. My sincere apologies to the medical professionals for not having believed there was a shortage of them.

Dennis W. Ohrtman


Remembering Jill

On Oct. 7, 1993, I learned about the death of my friend and volleyball teammate, Jill Andrews.

She was murdered while babysitting. ...

While many in Lewiston don’t want to remember, I think it’s important to remember how the community responded to such an awful event.

We were 14 years old. We’d spent the night before her death playing a volleyball game over in Clarkston. She had a hell of a game. I can tell you details about moments in the locker room that night. I can tell you details about our bus ride home. It’s amazing how our brain holds certain memories close.

What I can also share with you is my very first experience with a crisis team, which was made up of Lewiston community members. My volleyball team gathered at Sacajawea. We were brought into a room with our parents and with our coach. We began what I now know to be a crisis debriefing. It was powerful. It stated facts. Most importantly, the debriefing encouraged us to speak.

I heard others share their thoughts, which made my thoughts feel normal.

Jill was the first person in my life to die. Since then, professionally and personally, I’ve seen a lot of it. I will forever be thankful to the crisis team members who reached down and helped pull me and many others up during an unthinkable time of suffering.

My thoughts are with Jill today, her mom, Sue, dad, Ron, and her siblings Julie, Janelle and Kyle.

Debi Cain

Alexandria, Va.

Dam story well done

Nicholas Geranios’ piece on removing lower Snake River dams was well done. It covered many of the pertinent issues of how dams and salmon have been forced to coexist. It was a fair story. Shannon Wheeler’s idea of the lower Snake River as a living being is a touching description of what the lower Snake could be.

The reference that the four dams are part of a vast and complex hydroelectric power system calls for another perspective — a reservoir-free, 140 miles of lower Snake River is an indispensable component to a vast and complex wild salmon, steelhead and lamprey ecosystem that persists today.

Bert Bowler


Letter deserved round file

Words of hate have no place in the Lewiston Tribune.

We can disagree and be civil.

The printed words from an Arizona resident, “Christ Church to Moscow: Breathe our spit and die,” should not have been printed and is a failure by the editor of the Tribune.

Mike Cloke


Vote no

We had the opportunity to talk to an individual who had firsthand knowledge of the Washington state sex education bill. Here were his comments:

l The main problems with the bill that passed was the teaching of explicit and graphic material to elementary students.

l The excessive amount of sexual identities taught.

l No local control for school districts to choose curriculum with parental input.

l It is an opt-out program, while most parents are in favor of an opt-in curriculum where students aren’t ridiculed for not being part of it.

There is no question that the governor and the state legislators are ramming this law down Washington citizens’ throats because they don’t feel that local school districts and parents can think for themselves.

This is pure arrogance and insulting. Please reject Referendum 90.

James and Raylene Fry


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