No outbreaks

So, Grangeville Border Days, Stites Day and Elk City Days were held as usual in early July. The Idaho County Fair was held in late August as usual. Common-sense precautions were taken but the events were not canceled. Weeks later and we have had no huge COVID-19 outbreak here. And there has been not a peep in the news about that. Suppose we had many new cases or deaths traceable to those events. Do you suppose the media would have been so silent?

Perhaps all the other cancellations were unnecessary? Thanks to the sensible folks who made the above events happen. We all need more of these doses of normal.

Lucky Brandt



Millions of acres of beautiful timber have been transformed into tons of mind-numbing smoke and ashes, choking the skies and clogging our lungs. Trillions of brain cells have been short-circuited by idiot-ideology that denies truth, logic and science, subscribing instead to untruths, delusions and fantasy, promulgated by the most nefarious, underhanded, bigoted, racist fascist ever to reside in the White House.

Chief Goombah’s sheeples support him in any and all endeavors to misconstrue and distort truth into convoluted unreality, as do the shameless, pusillanimous, morally bankrupt Republicans.

While President Donald Trump and his empathy-less, mindless minions have their way, the planet scorches and burns, hurricanes rage, racists root and rant, people are needlessly sickening and dying, the economy is in shambles, the country is being bankrupted by the rich and the planet is being ever more destructively plundered, etc., ad nauseam.

The bloated con man has duped America and is turning it into his own personal hog pond for him to grunt and wallow in.

But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The perverted potentate’s mafia buddy, Reggie Stone, is now saying “Trump should declare martial law if he loses the ‘corrupt election.’ ”

And Mr. Fake President already thinks the election is in the bag, saying “I would consider a third term. ...”

With his big fat heinie firmly ensconced in the White Boyz House, Trumpty has no intention of vacating the premises any time soon, election or no election. And Democracy?

It’s obviously being Trumped.

Mike Epstein


Nice shot

The Lewiston-Clarkston Valley’s bloviator supreme, Danny “Yack-yack” Radakovich, accomplished something amazing on Sept. 6. In his 252-word salad, he encapsulated a seven-word self-portrait.

To those who dare disagree with him, Double-Y belittled: “ ... the rock-ribbed vastnesses of your minds.” Like a billiard ball, it hit four cushions and ricocheted right back at him.

Nice shot, Yack-yack.

Bridger Barnett


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