Show some respect

The veterans parade on Nov. 9 was great. I took my 8-year-old granddaughter and found a spot in front of the courthouse. We chatted with the people around us and some students from Asotin, and my granddaughter enjoyed picking up the candy.

The high school and the junior high bands sounded great. I just wish there had been more music in the parade.

At the end of the parade, my granddaughter and I stayed to pick up litter. We saw kids, teenagers, young and older adults eat the candy and drop the wrappers right there on Main Street.

The older adults should know better. But the kids, the teenagers and young adults who proclaim they care about the environment just proved to me that they are all talk. Shame on you all.

The parade was about more than candy. But your actions showed no respect for your community, nor the veterans.

Cathy Jo Zeller


Stands behind sources

With all due respect to Tom Fellows (Nov. 4), I’ll gladly compare my scientific sources and my climate change link to his. Mine:

You’ll find an image titled “Greta Thunberg and followers take five minutes to learn about the Milankovitch Cycles.” That’s the one.

Notwithstanding the sarcasm of the title aimed at the young lady who has been advocating worldwide about climate change, if one actually watches the five-minute video, there is not much more to be said.

Take the five minutes, Mr. Fellows.

The fact is that the Earth revolves around the sun. I am certain that even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change would agree with that fact. If not, there’s no help for them here.

The Milankovitch Cycles describe the Earth’s and sun’s movements. I have yet to hear any scientist disagree or deny that they demonstrate the cause of Earth’s temperature fluctuations across millennia.

The IPCC report is influenced by international government agencies with vested interests in the claptrap that mankind is killing the Earth, and all we need do is tax our citizens more. Claptrap will not change what the Milankovitch Cycles portray.

I applaud Fellows’ desire to be part of a grand solution, but it is not to be. I invite readers to take the five minutes and judge for yourself.

A charitable analogy might be: Mankind’s effect on the Earth’s temperature resembles the effect a pimple on a pimple on a bump on an elephant’s butt has on his attitude.

Rick Rogers


Letter went too far

Look, I fall into the progressive camp, I guess — although I dislike labels. But I sense that both liberals and conservatives have gone overboard in Letters to the Editor with name-calling, insults and lewd comments, e.g., Jim Roach’s letter on Nov. 11.

The hateful language detracts from any political message the writer actually may be attempting to convey. In a time of such societal division and upheaval in our country, I think it would behoove our newspaper to require writers to observe some modicum of respect for “the other side.”

There used to be a phrase for this approach — it was known as public decency.

And if they cannot seem to adhere to that, then don’t print the diatribes. Such letters are ugly and serve only to inspire more division, distaste and hate for “the other side.”

Sandra Lilligren


Trump displays ignorance

It seems that our president is letting people know that not knowing how our government and the Constitution work and showing his ignorance of both is OK.

This seems to be letting people know that not only is it OK to be ignorant, but fine to blatantly show it.

I thought of this when I read the letter that basically said: “if only Congress spent half its time impeaching the president on fighting wildfires in California.”

For one, fighting fires is the responsibility of the executive branch, not the legislative or judicial branches. However, the Constitution does gives the legislative branch the responsibility for impeaching federal officials when they have abused their power or committed high crimes.

With regard to California’s fires, a great majority of forest lands in California, like in Idaho, are federal — mostly U.S. Forest Service — and thus is the federal government’s responsibility to manage.

The federal government through the Federal Emergency Management Agency is given the responsibility of helping in disasters like floods and large wildfires. Yet, it is the president who threatened to cut off funding for combatting and preventing fires, then helping recovery efforts after fires in California.

But did you know that our president in August offered U.S. assistance in fighting wildfires in Siberia to Vladimir Putin? I guess he cares more about Russia than California.

Charlotte Omoto


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