Kids got brainwashed

There are brainwashed kids in Moscow. Among them was a young man with his “Climate Control” sign on the corner of Third and Washington in front of the old post office.

I had to shake my head. I wanted to go and ask him where his clothes are from, if he drives, uses computers, electricity, water, natural gas, etc.

The carbon footprint created by shutting our factories, installing solar panels and windmills and shipping raw exports to other countries and shipping back the finished product is the nightmare that was started. And nobody looked at the impact it was going to have on our farms, soils, landfills, etc.

Oh, and there was the mismanagement of our forests by not letting us log. So, instead of them trying to get the government to take action, maybe they should use their brains and college education to first get rid of NAFTA and figure out how to get the U.S. back on its feet, get factories up and running and lessen the carbon footprint.

Diana Flint


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