God is not at fault

I hope no one read Pastor Paul Christianson’s piece in the Religion section of the Nov. 16 paper. He supports and quotes Dereck Thomas: “This doctrine insists that everything that happens does so because God wills it to happen, wills it to happen before it happens, wills it to happen the way it happens.” This is not a description of a loving God. He uses Job, Joseph, and Jesus’ crucifixion as a basis for his incomplete doctrine. He created a doctrine from a few passages of scripture without considering all scripture.

This is the danger of his beliefs. He is claiming that all mass murders, rapes, and every kind of evil people can do is God’s fault, that God planned it and caused it to happen. This is an afront to a loving and holy God. It is not God’s will that people do evil things to one another.

God gives each of us the freedom to make decisions, including the most evil ones. If God hadn’t given us this freedom, we would be robots and have no need for God. God can bring good out of awful situations, if we allow God to use us to minister to others after we have experienced a difficult time or tragedy. (Romans 8:28)

Larry Bodmer


Working for you

To our valued patients and community:

Since our founding by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in 1902, the team at St. Joe’s has been called to serve our community. Our commitment has never wavered, and we will always provide patients with local access to the care they need.

We know patients are hearing conflicting messages about our work with Regence/Blue Shield of Idaho. We want you to know that we are working with them to have a new contract in place before we go out-of-network on Jan. 15.

Like our patients, we are also seeking clarity from Regence about how they will ensure patients’ continued access to the physicians and nurses our community knows and trusts.

Patients should know that many health insurance plans have “continuity of care” benefits for patients in active medical treatment, such as patients receiving cancer treatment or expecting mothers. The hospital does accept continuity of care benefits. Additionally, some patients will still have access through an out-of-network benefit. Patients should call the number on their insurance card to determine if they qualify for “continuity of care” or out-of-network benefits.

We encourage patients to take action and learn about their options. We have information on our website at www.sjrmc.com/regenceupdate where patients can see updates and answers to commonly asked questions.

Just as it has been for the last 117 years, it is our great privilege to serve our friends and neighbors. We remain committed to ensuring our valued patients continue to have access to the care they need.

Mike Poore

Interim CEO

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center


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