Party loyalty?

I wonder if David Estes would be so accommodating with excuses if the person who was accused by the attorney general’s office was a city councilor or a Democrat.

Would being the chairman of the Nez Perce County Republican Party have had any influence?

A phone call to Idaho Republican Party Chairman Raul Labrador?

So much for accountability and transparency.

Ged W. Randall


Money wasted

David Estes’ Nov. 20 letter about Nez Perce County Commissioner Doug Havens was spot-on.

Someone in the Nez Perce County Courthouse and or the Lewiston swamp wanted to make Havens’ case political.

No non-elected county employees were charged, but they bought items, also.

It could have been settled locally but, no. That someone cost the taxpayers a whole lot of money.

A judge was brought in from St. Maries as were three members of the attorney general’s staff from Boise and a jury of six seated and more. Maybe that money would have been well spent on a rat trap instead.

Wayne Wood


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