Run Pelosi

What the heck. Why not?

“Nancy Pelosi for president.”

Bob Loeffelbein


Trump’s been conned

President Donald Trump is a coward. He is afraid that he cannot win the presidency in 2020 without enlisting the help of other countries such as Ukraine, China or Russia.

I read a lot of the Mueller report and, in my opinion, Russia did help Trump win in 2016. Trump knows more and more people will reach that same conclusion as they learn more about what he has done.

In trying to bribe Ukraine into helping him get dirt on Hunter and Joe Biden, he’s just proving to everyone that he did not win in 2016 on his own. If he doesn’t get help from other countries again, he is frightened at the thought that he might lose the 2020 election and look like the fool he is for all to see.

Vladimir Putin decided that Russia would help Trump in the 2016 election because he knew he could manipulate Trump into doing what he wanted him to do. Trump mistakenly thinks Putin is his friend.

Putin knows Trump is a fool and uses him to do his bidding while laughing at Trump behind his back.

In other words, Putin has conned the con man (Trump).

Joan Vanhorn


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