Murillo story well-told

A big kudo to the Tribune for publishing “A tale of two countries” and to Jennifer Bauer for crafting this well-written story of the Murillo family here in our valley.

Recognizing the value and necessity of diversity is paramount to our success. Witness the achievements of cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and New York where the juxtaposition of different cultures feeds the creativity and increases the appreciation of other cultures. Anyone who has ever worked with an immigrant knows that no one works harder.

I relish the quote from Jose Murillo at the conclusion of the article: “Takers eat better, but the givers sleep better. I’d rather be sleeping better than the other way.”

In the fantastic musical “Hamilton” (himself an immigrant), Lafayette says: “Immigrants — we get the job done.”

Don Brigham Jr.


Transcending partisanship

Hunger doesn’t have a political party. Loneliness doesn’t have a political party, And fear doesn’t have a political party.

But what all these things do have in common is being unacceptable in the United States of America.

So what can we do together?

Recently, the Nez Perce County Democrats contributed $630 to the Community Action Food Bank.

We would like groups of all political persuasions to join us in this effort, knowing that you share our concern for those in our community who aren’t asking for a handout but a hand up to ease their hunger, loneliness, fear and homelessness.

While it’s good to collect food and other items for the Food Bank, monetary contributions still provide 2-for-1 leverage and your dollars go twice as far in helping those in need.

During the holiday season, our hearts are even more tuned to kindness, generosity and working together. But the need doesn’t go away when the holidays fade into another year.

Nez Perce County Democrats are making this an on going “crusade,” if you will, and we are hoping others of different political persuasions will join us.

Liz Chavez


Trump’s been framed

The so-called whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Zaid, wrote the following two paragraphs on Twitter just 10 days after President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 30, 2017:

l “Coup has started. First of many steps. #rebellion. #impeachment will follow ultimately. #Lawyers.”

l “#coup has started. As one falls two more will take their place. #rebellion #impeachment.”

Still think the attempted impeachment is real?

Trump recalled Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch last spring after months of complaints from nonadministration allies that she was undermining him. The left says that is impeachable conduct. Bull.

The president appoints ambassadors and has the authority to remove them.

The anti-Trump fake whistleblower colluded with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and his Democratic staff a month before filing his complaint on Aug.12. Then Schiff lied about that contact, which has been a pattern with him.

The fake whistleblower lied about concealing his contacts with Schiff in his complaint form, which disqualifies his believe-ability.

The intelligence community inspector general confessed that they secretly changed their whistle blower forms to eliminate a requirement that whistle blowers provide first-hand evidence to support any allegations of wrongdoing and did so in response to the anti-Trump compliant deep state treachery.

The fake whistle blower lied in his complaint several times and he could be subject to criminal penalties. Anti-Trump Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s testimony — “I did not think it was proper. ... ” is pure opinion and his opinion doesn’t trump Trump.

Can you again see the frame-up by the hate-Trump radicals?

Jim Emmert


Playing a losing game

To our representatives in Congress who see or hear no evil in order to maintain their standing within their parties: You are going to lose your position in the next election to a person with integrity.

Ken McLaughlin


Trump’s not the bad guy

When the evil leaders of ISIS were exterminated, that was when I came to the reality that Trump Derangement Syndrome was a real mental disorder.

The ISIS tribe was beheading people, burning them alive, keeping women and children for sex slaves and committing many other atrocities. According to many news pundits, I was to believe President Donald Trump was the “bad guy” for calling them dogs and cowards and also for wearing a suit when making the announcement of the U.S. special operations taking out the ISIS leaders.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are one sick puppy if you believe Trump is the bad guy in this scenario.

Kevin O. Thomason


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