An immigrant’s tale

I eagerly read your story about the Murillo family. The story offers everyone in this community an opportunity to hear a real immigration story.

Shedding light on the racism in our own town shows the real impact of hatred because of the color of someone’s skin. This is the kind of racism that brings everyone down.

Your story helped us see the real face of immigration, the horror of the desperation that brings people to the U.S. and the impact casual racist put downs have.

The U.S. is a country of immigrants. All of our ancestors immigrated here. Thanks for making the immigrants’ story real.

Linda Rosetti


Whistleblower is a fraud

The whistleblower is not a whistleblower.

It’s another partisan deep-state hack and a coordinated hit-job.

The whistleblower laws have been corrupted and weaponized by the left, like everything else they touch.

The secret informant (whistleblower) deserves no protection under these laws. And House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff again proves himself a fraud and a liar by asserting otherwise to perpetuate his never-ending hoax.

J.C. Passmore

Elk City

Murillo story outstanding

That was an outstanding story of Jose Murillo and his family. I read it word for word and cringed at the hardships, smiled at the successes and had expletives for the behaviors encountered by this family. I am very proud to have similar families through out our nation making the United States what we are. And, yes, the increased negative rhetoric as a result of our current occupant in the White House is shameful. Have faith, America. This too shall pass.

Vickie Nostrant


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