Dugger’s source flawed

Marvin Dugger’s Oct. 25 letter titled “No consensus” suggested that I read Lawrence Solomon’s book “The Deniers.” I did and what follows is what I found from reading the book and a search of the internet.

Solomon questions the accuracy and validity of Michael Mann’s “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars.” On Page 56 of Mann’s book, he cites two other studies that have replicated his work.

While interviewing his cast of deniers for his book, Solomon states on Page 45: “None of them were deniers.”

In “Climatology versus Pseudoscience,” Dana Nuccitelli discusses some of Solomon’s expert deniers and one is Richard Lindzen. In 2009 Lindzen submitted an article to a Korean journal that had errors. He submitted a new revised version of the article to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. It was rejected. This reflects the history of deniers when they submitted articles to respected climate change scientific journals.

Three of Solomon’s expert deniers — Michael Griffin, Sami Solanki and Freeman Dyson — have stated that climate change is the result of burning fossil fuels and it is man-caused (source internet).

Regarding the petition project, according to the Seattle Times, it contained the names Perry Mason and Michael J. Fox. It has no credibility.

Mr. Dugger, on Page 181 Solomon states Greenland’s “ice sheets do not melt from the surface down.” That is factually wrong. Now read and find a mistake in Nuccitelli’s “Climatology versus Pseudoscience.” There is one — a typo on Page 176. Compare both books.

Tom Fellows


Trump kept his pledge

President Donald Trump is the first president in a long time who has tried to complete the platform he was elected to accomplish.

He has had to fight politicians who don’t want the change because they are benefiting from corrupt companies.

They will not make their money if these changes are made.

I will not vote for any politician who does not live up to his platform.

Abel Workman


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