Deplorable but happy

I recently received a phone threat from a very angry discombobulated “proud liberal” who demanded I change my attitude or else.

So let me put on a leftist tin foil hat.

Yep — orange man bad. We need no border wall. We must take in everyone and hide them in sanctuary cities and states from the evil Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Racist cops must stop shooting young blacks. Ban and remove all guns from society. All oil wells should be capped and mining stopped.

Take from those who work and give to the needy.

Raise taxes to cover immigrant Medicare coverage and forgive all student loans. Allow prisoners to vote as long as they vote for big D.

We must ban plastic sippy straws and distribute plastic syringes to street druggies.

Abort babies at 9 months.

And, finally, we must impeach “orange man bad” because he will win in 2020 if we don’t.

Nope, I feel better being an AR-15-owning, redneck, deplorable No. 38,408,622.

We have the best U.S. economy in history while the Dow has broken records all summer. Unemployment is at 3.5 percent, the best ever for women, blacks and Hispanics. The troops are coming home.

We are now energy-independent for the first time ever. The wall is being built. ISIS is destroyed. Better and more fair trade agreements for the U.S. are being made. Veterans are now being cared for. And law enforcement is getting respect, again.

Promises kept.

John Webb


Detached from reality

The orange obesity posing as our president has become so detached from reality that he’s calling the impeachment hearings a lynching and an unconstitutional coup. This demonstrates, precisely, that he hasn’t read the Constitution and doesn’t know the definitions of “lynching” and “coup.”

Delusional Donald Trump labels everyone who challenges him a traitor, that impeachment proceedings are treason and Democrats are colluding with Russia.

What if we turned the tables and said outrageous things about President Trump? We could claim that Vladimir Putin helped Trump execute a coup to get the presidency. That traitorous Trump is behaving unconstitutionally.

We could say the president’s treasonous minions are all corrupt liars who should be impeached. We could demand that Trump and his entire cabinet be tried, convicted and jailed for treason.

The only difference between these claims and Trump’s claims is the huge propaganda machine he uses to brainwash his supporters. If the so-called “liberal media” had a propaganda machine half as effective as Trump’s, he would have already been thrown out of office.

Paul Oman


Works like a charm

In response to Shirley Phillips’ Sept. 17 letter: I totally agree about the leaves. I live in Orofino and there is no greenery can. It all has to be bagged.

There is an easy way to get the bag out of the garbage can: Fill up the bag, tie it, tip the can over on its side and the bag just slides out. Works like a charm.

We leave the bags curbside and the city picks them up. It’s nice to get rid of the leaves but I hate the idea of all of the garbage bags going into the trash for 500 years.

I did try one of those blowers with the shredder on it. With those wet leaves, the bag I was carrying got so heavy I couldn’t pick it up so I went back to bagging. Happy raking.

As long as I’m writing this letter, I just want to say it would be nice to see some happy items in the Tribune. It seems like most of the people who write letters are so miserable and finding fault in everything. It’s depressing.

Deanne Dawson


Looking for relatives

You published Brock Ewing`s obituary. The gathering for his life was at the Redemption Church in Clarkston at noon on Nov. 16. I was not able to go. Brock was my friend. He lived with me for three years. I need to get in touch with his family. He has family in Lewiston, Brock told me.

Ernie Peters


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