Where’s the science?

It is revealing no one addressed the science supporting masking as a means of mitigating the spread of the SARs CoV 2.

The reason for this is that there is no scientific support. A 2019 World Health Organization report (“Non-pharmaceutical public health measures for mitigating the risk and impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza”) concluded “there (is) no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”

A 2020 Danish randomized controlled trial considering SARs CoV 2 infections affirmed this, finding there is no statistical difference in the infection rate of those who wear masks and those who don’t. Indeed, the medical literature on the subject overwhelmingly denies the effectiveness of masking as a means of controlling the spread of viral disease. In short, mask mandates are not supported by the science.

David Eri Williams


Shop in Clarkston

Nowhere do taxes have the greatest impact then the public’s local taxes.

The proposed increases for the county and municipalities is a double-edged sword. The county is asking for the full 1 percent increase. The Tri-State Memorial Hospital nonprofit fiasco will affect all citizens but none more than the city of Clarkston. The $11.3 million assessment loss will have an impact that will be immediate.

Local businesses are suffering, except the corporate big box Walmart. They can ill afford the tax increases, let alone try and keep their business alive.

We as a public will have no choice but to go along with the increases to mitigate loss of necessary services for our community’s safety and security.

The business community of our county will need all the support that the people of our county can provide them. Shop everything in Clarkston as much as possible. Let’s not leave any of our neighbors behind.

Our neighbors in Lewiston are invited as well. Sorry, you will need a mask over here.

Rodger Rawson


Trump’s fraud

Steve Rice has a point. Affidavits concerning possible election fraud should be scrutinized. They can be filed on various irregularities — vote miscount, misplacement or neglect. Scattered instances of these usually occur. The real issue is more troubling: The systemic conspiratorial fraud President Donald Trump and his Republican pawns have alleged, without a shred of evidence.

So far, at least nine court cases have been dumped. But the travesty continues.

The real fraud here is Trump’s malice, his repeated lies and deception. His intent is clear: to thwart a legitimate election simply because he lost.

What breeds contempt for the democratic process is not an occasional irregularity or violation. It’s the wholesale attempt to derail American democracy and the hard honest work of thousands of people, who saw to it that with very few exceptions votes were tabulated correctly.

That’s still the rule in this country, despite Trump’s contempt for it. The root word of affidavit is fides — faith or trust. During the past four years, it has been violated repeatedly. Trump’s “legal” assault is not based on fact. It stems from the drive for power at any cost. That’s called tyranny.

William Johnson


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