What fraud?

Republicans routinely accuse Democrats of being disorganized and hapless. The charge is often true. How, then, did Democrats orchestrate a massive, brilliantly executed voter fraud?

If Democrats stole the presidential election, why didn’t they steal Senate seats, especially in Georgia? Why did they lose seats in the House? Are the numerous Republican secretaries of state across the country, who universally state that the election was fair, also in on the conspiracy? ...

President Donald Trump urged his supporters to vote in person. In many states, mail-in votes, predominantly Democratic, were by law counted last. Is it surprising Trump’s percentage would decrease as those votes were counted? One characteristic of Trump is his unfailing consistency: He never admits any type of defeat. Is it possible that, anticipating a defeat to Joe Biden, he pushed the mail-in voter fraud conspiracy to legitimize his refusal to accept defeat?

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania tried to pass a law allowing mail-in ballots to be processed prior to the polls closing. Republicans opposed it. As Casey Stengel once said, you can look it up. Why would a party oppose such a measure? Could it be Republicans predicted the later tabulated votes in Biden’s favor would feed the unfounded voter fraud conspiracy theory?

The Occam’s razor maxim says the simplest explanation is most often true. It applies here. The gigantic vote fraud theory would have had to be a brilliant, intricate, flawless, massive crime and simultaneously idiotic for not stealing the Senate. Simply stated, it is not true.

Tim Gresback


Not so fast

Joe Biden is president-elect as reported by all major news outlets. ...

Not so fast. Look at the facts.

On Nov. 15, the combined presidential vote in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin was 18,450,650. Biden got a reported 49.82 percent and Donald Trump got 49.22 percent, with Biden ahead 110,909 total votes.

A hand recount is ongoing in Georgia.

At least all four states plus Michigan should do a hand recount as the Dominion counting machine, used in about 30 states, is known for counting irregularities, is subject to hacking and has an unsecured USB port. A Michigan county had a Dominion machine “glitch” swap thousands of Trump votes to Biden.

Democrats didn’t want to clean up the voter roles as that disenfranchises voters. How can removing voters who are dead or no longer residents disenfranchise any legal voter?

It might explain why they filed pre-election lawsuits to reduce the requirements for verifying signatures. “Move along, nothing to see here.”

News agencies report no voter fraud or counting regularities, even though evidence is overwhelming. While I don’t have direct knowledge, I do have a DVR. I saw Biden’s count jump (138,339 in Michigan) while Trump’s didn’t move. I witnessed a worker check the first page of a ballot before deciding which of two about equal stacks to put the ballot. Why? Observers were not allowed to verify voting integrity even with a court order. There were a lot more irregularities.

America is too great to not have fair, honest elections.

Rick Hanks


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