Wonder why Lewiston is the slowest growing area of the second-fastest growing state in the union?

Consider this. Your city council just adopted a consultant’s study (can you believe that?) that recommended buy-in rates for new construction to hook up to the water, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment systems.

Next year, a single-family home will pay $5,215 and a commercial structure using an 8-inch pipe will pay $257,041. And five years from now, the rates will be $10,314 and $443,389, respectively.

That is more than Nampa, Moscow, Coeur d’Alene and Pocatello charge.

This is the same city council that refused to add additional code enforcement officers to deal with weeds, junk cars and other zoning violations that plague our neighborhoods and refused to hold a town hall meeting to invite the business community to tell the council how the city could improve its business climate. Welcome to family friendly / business-friendly Lewiston.

It is no wonder the Lewiston voters decided it was time for a change.

John Bradbury


Democrats are sinister

President Joe Biden’s radical attorney general, Merrick Garland, directed the FBI to crack down on parents who use “harassment and threats against school administrators, board members and teachers.”

Sen. Josh Hawley said, “There isn’t one instance in American history when the FBI has been directed to go after parents attending school board meetings.”

This continuing escalation of the Democrats’ woke revolution inserts federal agencies and laws into matters easily handled by local law enforcement.

Phone your children’s teacher, principal or superintendent and speak at a school board meeting and you could be FBI-investigated for hate crimes and domestic terrorism, regardless of what mild words you use.

Parents can be put in jail for spreading truthful information, writing truthful emails or speaking the truth.

Woke Democrats and Biden are using the federal government to attempt to intimidate and silence American parents.

The left is not even trying to hide what it is doing anymore, using the power of the federal government to control what Americans say and do.

Woke Democrats will propagandize your kids with fake history, teach white skin is racist, that there are no biological sexes, and to hate their parents.

The Biden administration does not believe in your freedom of speech or that you are in charge of your children. This is woke Democratic ideology, and it is the same as tyrannical communism.

Dictatorships throughout history have always tried to destroy the special love between a parent and a child. It cannot be overemphasized how sinister this is.

Jim Emmert


Backs Giddings’ censure

As a Republican, I have met Rep. Priscilla Giddings. She is personable, intelligent and an able communicator.

However, due to my support of civil discourse and separation of powers as well as being one who also has been publicly censured, I would have voted to support her censure.

In the case of my censure, I supported the local Republican central committee’s actions and apologized for not making an extremely clear statement of individual opinion. However, I did not change my public statement. ...

Giddings, however, refutes the censure and has maintained her public statement.

I cannot disagree that her intent was pure. But looking at the obvious and current election campaigning, it also clear her pure intent included a large political primary election component — which Giddings will never acknowledge. It is too dangerous for her overall campaign to admit to an obvious political truth.

Taking a judgment error and accepting the error, with its consequences, used to be considered a sign of strength of character and political integrity.

No longer. There is nationwide fear — read political survival — in Republican politicians denying, by words or inaction, obvious truths and instead going with a clear party approved political plan denying these obvious truths. This is not just spinning the message.

What a loss of party credibility.

I am pleased that in Idaho, at least, elected Idaho Republican officials have integrity and are willing to endanger their primary election survival in order to censure Giddings.

Eric K. Peterson