Stands by Johnson

As is known, I was opposed to ditching our city manager form of government and substituting an elected mayor.

Now that the issue has been decided, however, the selection of Dan Johnson for mayor was, in my opinion, the best choice by far of those running for the office.

I have known Johnson for quite a while and, although our politics differ — he being a Republican and all — I have always known him to be an honorable man, contrary to some of the vile allegations being published to the contrary.

It is easy to talk to Johnson. I believe he is a true Christian man and he was very effective when he worked in local government before. I vividly remember when the city was attempting to shut down the old solid waste transfer station and was preparing to spend a ton of money to do so.

Johnson asked them for a chance to take a shot at it and he got the job done at considerable savings. That is a good quality in a government employee. Support Dan. Treat him with respect and keep the shouting, hooting and hollering to a minimum.

Danny Radakovich


What the GOP wants

We’ve all heard the hyperbolic rhetoric from the radical right-wingers about freedom. But if you take a look at what today’s radical right wing GOP believes in, it’s the literal opposite of freedom. What today’s GOP believes in is fascism and autocracy; it believes in one-party rule.

Today’s GOP is nearly devoid of policy positions. It only does personality cults, ideological stances and feigned outrage. Try to make a list of the policy positions today’s GOP holds. Check its website. Other than lower taxes for the wealthy, there are no policy positions within today’s Republican Party.

Today’s Republicans don’t believe in freedom of the press, except when it’s the freedom to lie and misdirect.

They don’t believe in one-person, one-vote — unless that voter is a white male.

They don’t believe in democratic representation, unless it’s their minority view being represented.

They don’t believe in respecting the common good by being vaccinated and wearing a mask. They think spreading deadly diseases is freedom of expression rather than a national health issue.

They don’t believe in the freedom of reproductive choice, unless it’s a man telling a woman how to deal with pregnancy.

They don’t believe in freedom of religion, unless it’s to practice their preferred religion.

They don’t believe in rule of law, and instead justify insurrection.

Today’s GOP is oblivious to what it’s fighting for and what it believes in.

When you examine what today’s Republicans stand for, sadly, it’s fascist totalitarian autocracy under Republican rule.

Brian Rhoades


Fish disaster coming

Let me begin by saying, for the sake of sport fisherman in the Northwest, I hope I am wrong about our steelhead and spring chinook.

Fishery managers have chosen spill as the preferred alternative way of moving our smolts downstream through the Snake and Columbia rivers.

Starting in 2015, we started moving away from barging in favor of spill. We have had a variety of high- and low-water years since, and we have had favorable ocean conditions after 2015. Something should have worked, but the results have not been favorable.

We did not have a fall steelhead season on the Clearwater River in the fall of 2019 or a spring chinook season in 2020. Generally, both steelhead and spring chinook numbers have trended down.

According to the Columbia Basin Bulletin, 2021 had the highest spill levels ever recorded for juvenile salmonids, combined with the lowest percentage of smolts barged. They transported 9.8 percent of wild and 5.9 percent of hatchery spring-summer chinook — and 11.1 percent of wild steelhead and 4.3 percent hatchery steelhead.

This sets up a true test between those who believe in spill and those of us who believe in barging.

I truly hope I am wrong and will have egg all over my face, but I predict we will not have a spring chinook season in Idaho in 2022 and the 2022-23 steelhead run will be a disaster.

Rusty Bentz


Not surprised

I was not surprised to read that an increase in our Medicare premium is going to eat up most of the highly touted, extra-large increase in our Social Security payments. That’s pretty typical.

But let me get this straight: The premium is going up twice as much as originally estimated to pay for a drug (Aduhelm) that Medicare hasn’t yet decided it’s going to cover? Unbelievable.

J.T. Parrish


Give it a chance

Ged Randall’s Nov. 13 letter lost credibility in his first sentence when he stated that a minority of registered voters elected the strong mayor form of government. While technically correct, a minority of registered voters decides virtually all elections. Citizens voted for a more accountable form of local government. Let’s give it an opportunity to succeed.

Jim Kluss