Lead by example

Real leadership does not often come with the title or the paycheck. Often, the best leaders are those who lead from where they are, wherever they are. We all know this. Jim May, Syringa Hospital trustee, also knows this. That’s why he asked Kristi Brooks, Syringa Foundation director and thrift store manager, for her opinion on local community response to the COVID-19 pandemic at the Oct. 28 hospital board meeting.

Unlike the trustees who were reluctant to take a stand at the board meeting, Brooks didn’t hold back. She feels the community has become lazy about mask wearing and that health care leaders need to quit soft pedaling and communicate the drastic increase in COVID cases that should make mask wearing a priority.

Several community members have asked that the board provide leadership on COVID-19 precautions, but the sound of silence from community leaders has been deafening. As COVID transmission escalates, it’s time for us as individuals to lead from wherever we are. Lead by example in your family, your school, your workplace and your community.

Lead by showing compassion for our precious health care workers, who are putting themselves at risk for us everyday, as their facilities reach capacity and they work longer hours with more exposure risk. Front line workers in our small businesses are also much more vulnerable when we don’t take precautions to limit transmission.

Wear the mask. Social distance. Be compassionate and caring. It’s a very small sacrifice with huge dividends.

Mary Ann High


No more Branco

The Lewiston Tribune, in an attempt to placate the very conservative snowflakes who populate its service area, has added a couple of conservative political cartoonists to the Sunday edition. I implore the Tribune to dump the A.F. Branco cartoons. The cartoonist has consistently aped the conspiracy du jour, particularly where it involves ex-President-to-be Donald Trump (see Nov. 15).

The artwork is little better than high school level and the subject matter straight out of a QAnon chat room.

This sort of misinformation and outright lying doesn’t deserve publication.

John Murray


Failed state

One-hundred of the nation’s largest and best hospitals are begging Americans: “Please help us. We risk our lives daily to keep you safe. Do something for us. Wear a mask.”

Ashley Bartholomew, a registered nurse, recently resigned her position in a COVID-19 ward in El Paso, Texas, because she felt overwhelmed by all the sickness and death she was encountering.

The breaking point for her was when she entered the room of an improving patient, in full personal protective equipment, as he was watching the national news coverage of El Paso’s need for more mobile morgues.

“The news is making it a bigger deal than it really is,” the patient said to her. She tried to remain professional but couldn’t hold back her tears, saying, “I’ll be brutally honest. I’ve seen more sickness, more death, in the last two weeks, than in my entire 10 years in health care.”

“This is a pandemic within a pandemic,” Bartholomew adamantly stresses, “a pandemic of misinformation along with the COVID-19 pandemic. We health care workers can’t fight both at the same time.”

We all know the source of the misinformation pandemic at the root of this country’s humanitarian disaster. That this murderer is not only walking free but also trying to sabotage our democracy and overturn the election, with the full support of his ass-kissing miscreant minions in Congress, is all the evidence anyone should ever need to see this nation is a failed state ranking with the best of the worst.

Mike Epstein


Good sports

I attended the Class 1A D-II state semifinal football game between Carey and Kendrick at the Kibbie Dome on Nov. 16.

Both teams showed amazingly good sportsmanship throughout the game. Opponents helped each other up after scrimmages, gave a pat on the helmet or shoulder or fist bumps after a good play. While the team I was rooting for did not win, it was still a pleasure to watch.

I wish the government would act like this. Kudos to these teams for setting a good example.

Ann Parks


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