Different rules apply

Councilor John Bradbury, the city interviews are not questioning a witnesses in a courtroom. There are different rules for municipalities. One of them is that you can’t ask different questions of different interviewees.

Consequently, each interviewee gets to answer the same question asked of any of the other interviewees. So there really isn’t any point in having the other councilors ask the same questions that the mayor asked.

As far as questions coming from staff, if it is from human resources and legal staff, they are educated and trained to know the does and don’ts of interviewing, whereas most of councilors probably aren’t.

If the questions were from Public Works, that very likely could be challenged by an attorney or a retired judge.

Questioning the city staff about budgets, taxes and fees is in a different legal realm than appointee interviews.

You as councilor or taxpayer have a legal right to ask questions about where their money goes and why. That’s one of the reasons why Idaho Code requires three readings before those can be adopted.

It’s also one of the reasons the city council provides citizen comments at work sessions and regular council meetings. Taxpayers and councilors can also call the city manager with questions.

It’s sad that some folks think that by yelling foul and conspiracy they get results better than just making a polite and respectful phone call.

Ged W. Randall


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