Don’t be like Baldwin

Concerning the shooting and killing of Halyna Hutchins on the shooting set of “ Rust” in Arizona: Alec Baldwin has stated this was a “ terrible accident, a one-in-a-trillion incident.”

Anyone who handles, uses or cleans any firearm capable of firing live rounds knows, or should know, that the responsibility of any discharge and/or damage lies with the last person in contact with that firearm. This revolver, no matter who had previously handled it or stated anything about its armed status, should have been checked, a procedure taking less than 10 seconds, by Baldwin.

Each and every time anyone picks up, is handed or otherwise comes in contact with a firearm, it is his responsibility from that moment for what happens next. This is not just a “ terrible, unfortunate accident.”

Baldwin can try to deflect responsibility or cast blame on another, or just claim it was a one-in-a-trillion accident, but he is ultimately responsible. His ignorance or unwillingness to be trained on proper firearms handling does not shield him from responsibility.

Please, everyone, don’t be like Baldwin.

If you are not willing to learn about guns and to treat them with respect, keep your hands off. This kind of incident will changes lives forever.

Stan Eccles


Not giving them up

What are grandparents’ rights? I have a granddaughter who has been homeless four years. She has four children that we all have taken care of.

They were staying with my daughter but sleeping in a room or a wood storage out back. Mostly the twins stayed in the house with Grandma.

I also took them to my apartment and I always had the older boy with me.

Child Protective Services came and took all three. It said they were not getting cared for. That was the first lie.

They made my granddaughter go to classes for parenting and counseling, which she did. Plus she underwent drug test after drug test that all came back negative.

We tried to find a place for them to live and were turned down because she has no credit. We even tried to buy a multi-family home several times but were denied because, again, we had no credit.

That is why some many people are homeless. Even low-income housing turned us down. You tell me why do you need a credit score of 700 to rent a place to live?

They took my grandkids. Now they are trying to adopt them out of town.

I don’t intend to give them up.

So people who are homeless need help with housing. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have good enough credit. They still need a home.

Gail Rawls