Here on Nov. 13, I am baffled.

In our recent elections, the incumbent candidate for sheriff of Nez Perce County was accused of being dishonest and committing various nefarious acts. And that person was defeated by 63.92 percent in the local race. I have heard repeatedly that the local media is fake or biased and not to be believed. But those voting must have gotten much of their decision-making information from the local news.

Conversely, you have the guy in the White House who is known to be habitually dishonest and guilty of far more malicious and illegal acts. Yet, locally, you voted for that same person at 65.2 percent. Currently, he is putting all American citizens in jeopardy, including all the folks in that 65.2 percent, with his willful acts of defiance regarding his loss. I have heard acquaintances and co-workers all complain about the media or the election outcomes, but at least they seem to read or listen to local news sources.

I sincerely don’t understand the different decisions in these situations. I remain baffled.

Vickie Nostrant


Dugger avoids facts

In response to Marvin Dugger’s Sunday commentary: ...

1. No collusion with Russia? Robert Mueller stated that even though the investigation did not establish particular facts (of President Donald Trump’s involvement), that does not mean there was no evidence of those facts.

2. Ninety percent of mainstream media contribute to Democrats? Here’s a what-about-ism: What about Sinclair Broadcasting, which reaches 72 percent of households?

3. You had trouble finding a headline on GDP rising 33.1 percent in the third quarter? Maybe that’s because it went down 33.3 percent in the second quarter. Not even catching up doesn’t deserve a headline.

4. COVID-19 recoveries are 99.99 percent? Better recheck that, Marvin. Deaths start getting worse after age 40, and that doesn’t account for side effects, such as heart, lung and other organ damage.

5. Associated Press totally biased and partisan? says the AP is rated very high in factual reporting (along with PBS).

6. Charges of lying by President-elect Joe Biden? Complete bunk. PolitiFact says Bobulinsky provided his records to both Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. Both reported they do not show Biden had business dealings with SnoHawk Holdings or that he took money from the Chinese company. They refused to air the story.

Your source for this story was the New York Post, a tabloid and rated the least credible in New York.

Your quote “Our freedom cannot survive without a free and unbiased press” needs to include the word “factual,” which your opinion totally lacks.

Loretta Anderson


Americans all

Jim Griffin has his opinions regarding the changes that may take place with a new administration in his Nov. 14 letter.

I would like to comment: Yes, I, too, have worked all my life as laborer, foundry worker, U.S. Army draftee and college professor.

I also pay all insurance and own my home — but I do not possess any guns.

But I am a Democrat.

We do have a lot in common. Most people who are on welfare are not freeloaders and most foreigners want a better life like those who came before us.

Remember, we all are Americans and most of us (even Democrats) still weep when we see our flag.

Philip Mohan


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