Greetings from Mexico

By the time you read this, I will be in Mulege, Mexico, swimming and fishing in 80-degree water in the Sea of Cortez.

I have spent 17 winters, four years of my life, living in Mexico. We live on a beautiful beach and last year one of our neighbors was from Washington, D.C., having worked there for the last 25 years. We were discussing how great Mexico would be if the government was not so totally corrupt.

He said the corruption in Washington, D.C., was much worse than anything in Mexico. Dollar wise, there was no comparison. The U.S. was far worse.

He said Joe Biden was one of the most corrupt individuals who has ever existed and everyone on Capitol Hill knows it. He used his son, Hunter, for more than 30 years as a pimp so people could get access to Joe when he was a senator and then vice president. He said Hunter funneled more than $100 million to the Biden family.

He also said there are a lot of congressmen, both Democrats and Republicans, pulling the same deals.

It is obvious the strategy was to keep Joe in the basement and concentrate on states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona and flood the states with phony mail-in ballots and steal the election from President Donald Trump.

And this is exactly what they did.

If this corruption is allowed to continue, this will destroy the USA and the middle class like it has in Mexico.

Gary Willson


Times aren’t that tough

With this brouhaha about the “virus inconvenience,” I can’t help but recall a period in some of our lives when such inconvenience would have been a mere hiccup.

Think about 1937, when a child of the Lewiston Orchards was given cod liver oil and maybe a free bowl of soup, and had to go home to an empty house because the older sister, who was just a teenager, was not home from school yet. And you, at just 7 years old, had to build the cook stove fire for warmth and cooking. ...

Think about the kid who was given a paper cone full of free raisins from the state or federal government at recess time and, because she was thin and underweight, given a glass of milk and a graham cracker, sometimes daily. ... Think about the kids at upriver towns who walked or rode a horse three to four miles to school every day and stood by the room stove until recess time just to get warm in winter time. Or about the kids who helped skin skunks (whose hides were worth about $2) their father had caught on weekends to supplement his wages. ...

When you are through digesting all this history from the l930s, tell me again about how difficult it is to wear a mask to keep others and yourself from transmitting COVID-19 or to miss a high school dance or football game. ...

Those who think times are tough need a dose of history.

Bill Chetwood


Borderline illegal

President Donald Trump has been questionable his entire business and political life, if not borderline illegal.

He and his Republican supporters took advantage of loopholes and gray areas of a free America to proceed with their plan, right before disregarding the rule of law completely.

But then they start yelling that they’ve been cheated and treated unfairly.

Fortunately, President Joe Biden will keep America a country of laws, fairness and integrity for all — unlike Trump’s attempt to go fascist (search definition) for his buddies.

Trump’s first step was to create mistrust with the media, then replace the most trusted senior and mid-level government staff with his non-credentialed, sub-par political followers.

Trump and his Republican supporters in the House and Senate had pursued paths that benefited Vladimir Putin in Russia, Kim Jong Un of North Korea and American millionaires.

As I’ve written before, ask anyone who lived in 1940s Germany, Italy or Japan about being misled by their leaders.

Biden’s election restores integrity, factual truthfulness, righteousness and sensibility to Americans’ belief in “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

As for common sense, why would 69 million Americans vote (Republican) to eliminate their own Social Security and Medicare benefits ? That’s a Republican goal.

This is the primary retirement income of Americans. You probably know many seniors on Social Security and Medicare currently.

It just doesn’t make sense to elect Republicans if:

1) You or your neighbor need Social Security and Medicare.

2) You aren’t a millionaire.

3) You’re a veteran.

Ron Lamb


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