Let the process proceed

I was surprised by what I saw in Marty Trillhaase’s editorial on Thursday regarding the presidential election. You, M.T., of all people should know that while you are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts.

Your statement with regard to the presidential election that “there is no evidence of fraud” is totally inaccurate and not true. Many people in various states have come forth with what he or she have observed, been required to do and/or knows about our elections. In many instances, what is offered in their affidavits are facts, which if true would constitute fraud.

In my 34 years as an attorney, what a witness would testify to as set forth in his affidavit is in fact evidence. The real issue is whether there is enough evidence of fraud, mistakes or other irregularities to overturn an election. There may not be enough.

We are fortunate enough to have a Constitution and laws that provide a process through our courts to settle disputes that may arise in a presidential election.

Those who have violated our election laws should be held accountable. What “breeds contempt for the democratic process” is to allow illegal conduct to go unaddressed.

So let the process play out. This is what Al Gore and George W. Bush did 20 years ago.

Steve Rice


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