Elephants no more

Now that the Republican National Committee has officially dispensed with any party platform or published policy stance other than “to support the reelection of Donald Trump,” it’s time the RNC adopted a logo and name that accurately reflects their behavior and beliefs.

The new logo is obvious. Instead of an elephant, it’ll be a silhouette of President Trump swinging a golf club, with his 3-foot comb over blowing in the wind like a banner.

The modern Republican Party should, of course, be represented by an obese golfer because golf courses are essentially monuments to inequality and playgrounds for those who promote it. Golf courses are large plots of environmentally unsound land reserved for the enjoyment of a small subset of the population, just as Trump voters believe the world should exist for them exclusively.

The new name for the GOP is equally obvious.

It henceforth should be referred to as the White Grievance Party; WGP for short.

There isn’t a logo or name that could possibly more accurately represent what today’s Republican Party stands for than a rich, fat white guy on a private golf course complaining about how unfair life is — except maybe one thing. The logo needs to be as inverted as conservative thinking has become.

It’s time to step up and fly your new freak flag proudly, Republicans. Everyone will know exactly what you stand for when they see that inverted black and white obese golfer flag waving out the back of your jacked up pickup truck.

Brian Rhoades


Thank a librarian

The Lewiston City Library has the best professional staffers anywhere. Through the past eight months, their curbside delivery in rain, wind and computer glitches has been outstandingly stellar. The librarians are well informed, super helpful and truly caring about the public they serve. Staff and management make patrons feel special and welcomed. Thank a librarian. Read a good book today.

Nancy Hansen


Nation at risk

Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch and Congressman Russ Fulcher: I write today about U.S. national security.

Since the election, the president has fired three Department of Defense officials, apparently for no valid reason and with no competent temps as replacements.

It is reported that the directors of CIA and the FBI will also be dismissed for no valid reason with no competent replacements.

Do you support this decapitation of the national security infrastructure of the U.S.? If so, why?

Mine is a military family, going back generations to the American Revolution. This looks like the U.S. is being set up to be attacked or invaded.

Are our forces alerted? Are our forces authorized to defend themselves and the country without phoning home for permission? Is — or will — anybody competent be in charge between now and Jan. 20?

Thus far, I have seen no response to this irresponsible decapitation of the national security apparatus of the U.S. by any member of the president’s own party. Are we to just idly sit by if the U.S. is attacked or our towns are invaded?

Please issue a statement addressing these concerns or at least respond by email to me so I can share your views with concerned family and friends. I look forward to some immediate response or statement to the Idaho press. A comprehensive statement in either the Idaho Statesman or the Lewiston Tribune would be adequate. ...

Mark Sherry


Trump’s worst enemy

Our president, sitting in his office, pouting, tweeting, compiling his enemies’ list. With some introspection, he would discover that he has been his own worst enemy.

Ron Hall


Completed bake sale

To our community from Zeus’s Friend’s Pet Network: Thank you for supporting our bake sale and animal food pantry drive on Nov. 7 at Bob’s Pet and Pond.

There were so many baked goodies (warm cinnamon rolls frosted right at the sale), candy, cupcakes, scones, apple crisp, animal goodies and lots of necessities for the food pantry.

It is the community support that makes Zeus’s Friends a success. And, we are here for you in these uncertain times and beyond.

Thank you to all the businesses that let me put up flyers and to KLEW-TV, the Lewiston Tribune, CAT-FM and anyone I have missed.

Marsha Burns


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