Send wolves to Jersey

It appears that New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is very concerned with the legal means of controlling Canadian gray wolves here in Idaho and Montana. The concerns he is expressing are a political stunt designed to pander to the metropolitan constituents of his state.

Booker should be more concerned with the over abundant deer population in New Jersey, not the Canadian gray wolf rules in place here in Idaho. Perhaps he should request a transfer of Canadian gray wolves from Idaho to New Jersey.

This would help to control, by means of a natural predator, the more than 30,000 vehicle/deer collisions reported annually in New Jersey.

Allen Fraser


Worth the price

Having seen the value of the Life Flight organization first hand at several area accidents I have always purchased their insurance. I never thought I would need it but wanted to support their presence and availability in our area.

In July, my wife contracted the delta variant of COVID-19 and was transported by Life Flight helicopter from Grangeville to Nampa, which probably saved her life.

The cost for that trip was $82,000.

Medicare and our medigap insurance paid about $13,000.

Life Flight insurance costs about $65 a year per household, not per person. Without that, we would have been responsible for more than $69,000. The cost of a Life Flight trip is substantial but the cost of their insurance is low.

Please check it out.

Lucky Brandt



“Dr. Doom” Anthony Fauci says it’s “too soon to tell” if Americans can celebrate Christmas, so it’s a good bet that he would like us to forget Thanksgiving, too.

Right. With daily doses of Dr. Doom, there’s less to give thanks for this year.

Unless this were to appear in the Lewiston Tribune:


“To all would-be Broadway and Hollywood stars, the cast for the 2021 Charlie Brown Football Kick has been selected.

“The role of Charlie Brown will be played by the American people.

“In a classic case of typecasting, China JoBama (Biden) will play the role of Lucy. In the instant before the kick, Lucy pulls the football away.

“For the first time in recorded history, a dozen people will understudy Lucy’s part.

“The principal understudy will be Barack Obama, who bested Eric Holder for the assignment. BO already knows the script, so Holder had little real chance.

“Former FBI Director James Comey, Congressman Jerry Nadler, special counsel Robert Mueller and Congressman Adam Schiff all lusted after the role of Lucy. But the most crestfallen aspirant may be Fauci, who was heard shouting: ‘Those creeps are small-time liars. I’ve been lying on television every week for almost two years.’ ”

Bridger Barnett


Correcting Hassoldt

It was nice to see Bob Hassoldt honoring Vietnam veterans, but he got some of the story wrong.

I have some personal knowledge of this, having spent some time in Vietnam and Laos. ...

There were indeed some dud officers and their six-month field assignments were a stupid idea. But to this day, I remember the name of the remarkable commanding officer who did such a good job for his company that, despite being a West Pointer, he never made general. And there were dozens of fine journalists who did not hide out in Saigon, but joined us in the field.

There are no reliable statistics, but when I came home from the war I was always treated with courtesy and respect. When I wanted to go back to college at Michigan and Michigan State, both schools treated me with energy and kindness, sort of like visiting nobility.

And please, no more use of “hero.” There are plenty of real ones who truly deserve our respect, but I never knew one — just idiots like me, trying to do our duty and trying to stay alive.

Let’s ask a real question about honor. How is it that we let the fat, orange-haired coward draft-dodger routinely smear veterans (“losers”) and smear the good name of two dead men, Colin Powell and John McCain?

You’d think that at least one member of Idahos congressional delegation would have taken Donald Trump to task over his vile smears of veterans. ...

And unlike these politicians, Hassoldt cares.

Dennis Baird


Follow the money

I’m probably borrowing this line from one of the TV crime shows but it’s so appropriate: “Follow the money.”

The COVID-19 virus has now gone into the third push for virus shots.

I read or heard that Pfizer has netted $19 billion from the shots. Factor in the new push for little children needing the shots.

I also suspect that this company had a large part in creating the virus, along with politicians and the news media.

I cannot name names but I bet the people reading this have their own ideas about who benefits from a total loss of our self- respect as Americans, loss of face with other countries, a wiped-out economy, a very large contingent of people who would rather draw our tax dollars instead of working to earn it — a minority of the population — a southern border that is opened to illegals who our government pays as soon as they arrive and a race of people who our country bows and scrapes to their every wish.

Now they’re searching for any means to attack our life savings, which have already lost a large percentage of their value.

Please consider these facts with an open mind when you read this.

Roy Dotson