Numbers are misleading

I just read in the newspaper about hospitals dealing with COVID-19.

It was a big, 3,500-word or more story. In the middle was this question: Is it the flu or COVID-19? How can you tell the difference? There was no answer.

The fact is that COVID-19 has the same symptoms as the common cold.

About 1,000 words down came this paragraph: Many healthy people do fine with COVID-19. Usually, by 24 hours they are over symptoms.

People with preexisting conditions — meaning one to three severe health conditions — are struggling.

Disease centers can only say 6 to 7 percent of people are dying from COVID-19. The other 93 percent are dying from more severe health problems, but every death is being marked down as a COVID-19 death.

Numbers show COVID-19 is only a small part of our health problems. It’s time we come up with cures for these other problems that are doing the most damage to our health.

Hospitals and doctors should be held accountable for their numbers and not just being able to write off everything as COVID-19. Social media and greedy politicians use these numbers to cause chaos for their personal gain.

You cannot trust social media or these politicians’ numbers.

It’s time for term limits on politicians and media should be held accountable for true numbers.

Abel Workman


Waiting for better times

This is my letter to Mike Epstein and all those who voted for Joe Biden.

First, I would like to say, now that the Democrats have secured the vote, I reckon we will be looking for better times.

No more having to work and pay our way for the things we want. The government, with all its new ideas, will give insurance for those who don’t have it. It will help more foreigners live a better life as the government can afford the donation.

No need to have a firearm. Just go to the store and charge it to Biden. Stop hunting. As for protection, the military will take over as it will have the only guns.

Now doesn’t this make you feel safe?

Of course, I bet the majority of the voters had this in mind as they were already looking for a leisure lifestyle.

Ha ha, it will probably be hard to tell the homeless from the rest of the population.

Yes, I apologize for wanting to work and having to pay my own way. I carry my own supplemental insurance, pay my own rent, buy my own food and will be richer being able to sell or give away my guns.

No need protecting myself. Crime will come to a stop. It’s going to be just one happy life.

Jim Griffin


Mask up

What are the folks over in the backwoods redneck kingdom of Idaho waiting for?

Weary health workers and officials are begging and pleading with them to mask up, social distance, limit contacts and anything else to help stem the rampant spread of the virus in Idaho.

Hospitals are almost all at maximum capacities and patients will soon have to be transported hundreds of miles to hospitals in other states for treatment.

The governor of Utah recently implemented mask and other mandates to slow the virus in his state, but Idaho’s governor continues to appear to lack the cajones to do the same in his redneck province.

Germany recently launched a newspaper ad campaign aimed at “mindless maskless miscreants” who might be planning a visit to their country. One ad shows an angry elderly lady flipping a birdie to the camera, with the translated caption reading: “A finger-wag to all the inconsiderate, unmasked morons. Germany goes by coronavirus rules.”

A German spokesman said the ad campaign was particularly aimed at Americans “who don’t take the pandemic very seriously, under the inept misguidance of their president.”

Another campaign features posters with slogans such as: “Mask up to keep the lights from going out.” Obviously the mindless, maskless marauders in Idaho couldn’t care less if their ignorant selfish actions cause the lights to go out for others around them, particularly the at-risk elderly.

So the ever diligent people of Germany extend a middle finger salute to the maskless, one and all.

Mike Epstein


Patience is a virtue

On Nov. 4, the Lewiston Tribune’s Page 5A devoted almost the full page to “the closest presidential elections,” courtesy of the Spokesman-Review (five sources were listed).

Cut it and save it. It covers 17 of the closest elections dating from 1824 to 2012.

It explains victory margins for both popular and electoral votes with historical facts stated on each.

I’m almost 80. I’ve voted since age 18. I’m very thankful to live in a democracy. I encourage all to be informed.

“That which has been is what will be. That which is done is what will be done. And there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9.

Good news: More Americans voted in this election then ever before. It takes time to tally. Patience is a virtue. We sure need it in 2020.

Nan Smith


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