Unlimited power?

I read your opinion and wonder how far the state is going to take face mask and lockdown mandates. Does the governor think there’s no limit to his powers?

A thousand counties in the U.S. saw COVID-19 hospitalizations decrease after mask mandates were withdrawn.

Tim Urling

Idaho Falls

Suit happy

I have heard of presidential candidates asking for a recount, but I haven’t heard of too many candidates suing a state for a recount.

Gee whiz. I wonder if a candidate can sue the American people if he or she loses the popular vote?

Alan Syron


Willing and eager

After all the grief that President Donald Trump has put the United States Postal Service through during this election, there is one thing that they will be thrilled to do for him and that’s process his change-of-address form.

Patrice Yeatter


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