Follow the science

There has been a significant reluctance or refusal to become vaccinated during the current pandemic. As a consequence, a full recovery from COVID-19 continues to be challenging. ...Some people are suspicious of science and are reluctant to follow science-based health guidelines. ...

The efficacy and safety of a vaccine are based on very large populations of outcomes. Medical peers will examine the design bases by which the tests were conducted and their outcomes to assure the findings are statistically significant. Peer review is the best humanly possible approach to establishing and confirming scientific truth.

Those who defy mask or vaccination mandates or recommendations fail to acknowledge their behavior will only prolong the pandemic.

The longer we prolong a recovery from the virus:

1. More people will either die or become debilitated by long-term impacts from the virus.

2. The slower our economy will recover.

3. The longer it will take to return to a normal life.

Unfortunately, lay people who reject peer reviewed scientific evidence often confirm their bias with information from social media. A better source from which to reliably confirm medical guidance is to search websites such as,, or medically based sites like WebMD.

If you fail to submit to scientific authority, the virus may eventually find you. On the other hand, should you wisely elect to become vaccinated, recent scientific evidence has shown that the vaccine will impart an immunity that is 5.49 times more protective than an immunity imparted by the virus itself.

John Claassen


Torpedoing Biden’s agenda

President Joe Biden and the Democrats want to improve things for the majority of Americans, but as usual the GOPer Nazi fascists are trying to torpedo their agenda.

Funding for “Build Back Better” could easily come from making the rich pay their fair share in taxes, but the GOPer Nazis ... refuse to back such a plan.

Unfortunately the myopic American voters didn’t give Biden and the Dems enough leeway in the last election to do much other than banter and bicker among themselves about how to get anything done.

John Kenneth Galbraith remarked that the problem with democracy in America is that the business of government has largely been taken over by the corporations.

Half the government, the half that Chauncey Devego of Salon magazine designates as “Trump World,” has aligned with the corporations to wreak havoc, death and destruction on those in this country who aren’t members of the 1 percent Club.

While more than 700,00 Americans have succumbed to COVID-19, ... the wealthy misers continue to amass ever more riches while everyone else struggles to make it from day to day. And the GOPer Nazis continue to do everything they can to further enrich the rich and wreak genocide on everyone else. ...

Their stance on abortion is laughable. These hypocritical goons oppose funding for health care, day care, paid maternity leave, paid family leave, child tax credits, livable wages, etc., in a country with the highest infant mortality rate in the industrialized world.

Mike Epstein


What’s next?

Now that a minority of the registered city voters voted for the strong mayor government, how will the mayor and council cut taxes and kill corruption?

Will they dismiss the fire department and go volunteer like they did at the airport?

Will they fire the police department and hire the sheriff’s office to cover the city and then consolidate the dispatch like the county wanted?

Will they fire the street maintenance and change it over to a highway district as is the system in Boise?

Will they outsource everything like Post Falls?

Will they do away with zoning and building codes so landowners can do whatever they want with their property without regard for safety or their neighbors?

How many department heads will they fire?

Will we all be packing guns like the Taliban? Will you disappear in the middle of the night if you question “God-given rights”?

Just how far will this go? Look for guidance from Nez Perce County. They are the ones who got us here.

As the saying goes: “Stay tuned, more to come.”

The spiral of silence has begun.

Ged W. Randall