Part of a pattern

I recently read in the Lewiston Tribune that the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center administration wanted a federal mediator for the ongoing union negotiations. So I have a question for the hospital administration: If patient safety is at the forefront of your concerns, why is it that every time your parent company buys a hospital, shortly afterward the employees want a union to represent them because they are truly concerned about patient safety?

A hospital in Michigan recently went union. A hospital in Oregon is trying to go union. And the SJRMC employees want union representation. Doesn’t say much good about your management, now does it?

Dale Thon


Get involved

Congratulations to Brian Shinn on your reelection to the Asotin County Commission. Thank you for your grace and respect in accepting my challenge for the post.

Running for the District No. 1 county commissioner seat has been an incredibly rewarding experience and I’m grateful to everyone who supported my campaign. Thank you for all the ideas, questions, messages and conversations these past several months. The residents of Asotin County and employees at the courthouse have been generous with their time in educating me about the issues we have to tackle.

I’d still like to be involved and am hopeful we’ll see more civic involvement in Asotin County moving forward. I’ve submitted a letter of application for one of two empty seats on the county planning commission. There are 26 volunteer board and commission seats sitting vacant at Asotin County.

Consider applying for one of them and donating your time to enhance this great community.

Brad Gary


Teleprompter rules

In the election just ended, we now have a government of the teleprompter, for the teleprompter and by the teleprompter. Can anyone out there tell me how that works?

Ben Seubert


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