What does one say?

I certainly do not condone the yelling and chanting of obscenities toward President Joe Biden at football stadiums and NASCAR raceways. This demeans both the president and, perhaps even more, the office of the president.

But how then, does one express his feelings of disappointment and anger at the incompetence of the current president and his administration over the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco, the attack on our fossil fuel industry, wide open southern borders, COVID-19 vaccination mandates and, perhaps most of all, the “green new deal” legislation?

These presidential actions have embarrassed our country internationally, devastated our economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, fueled price increases and inflation and threatened our long-term viability as a nation. What can we say?

How about “Let’s go Brandon?”

John Scott



It’s encouraging to see someone on the staff at the Lewiston Tribune actually demonstrate a modicum of journalistic integrity. (See the Oct. 29 JEERS to Butch and Nathan Alford).

What’s shocking is that it was Marty Trillhaase.

Rick Rogers


Only $200 a step

Are you having trouble denying reality and believing the truth? Well, we can help you with your denial.

We are promoting a 12-step program just for you for only $200 per step.

When you complete our course, you’ll be able to believe those things that are completely false and deny things that ring with truth.

For example, you will be able to believe the “Big Lie” that Donald Trump won the presidential election.

You’ll be able to easily deny that we are in a climate crisis.

Furthermore, you will deny that we are suffering a COVID-19 pandemic and that you don’t need vaccinations nor need to wear a mask in crowded situations.

Incidentally, we will help you ignore “Darwin’s revenge,” where polls show that more Republicans are getting infected and dying from COVID-19 than are Democrats.

Finally, you’ll be able to deny others their right to liberty by being so self-centered that you can spread your virus freely.

So please sign up for our program that uses the latest methods of subliminal shock therapy, monoclonal brain intervention and hydroxychloroquine frontal-lobe wash.

Get in touch by calling: Idaho Denial Institute and Outrageous Thought Services at 1-(888)-IDIOTS.

Philip A. Deutchman


Local heroes

I recently had a medical procedure at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston.

I want to acknowledge and thank the doctors and all the staff I had the good luck to meet and care for me. They were professional and so kind during my stay.

These people are my heroes.

Linda Engledow