Edited out the joke

Since your civility tour, I and others have noticed improvements in your balance of opinions and cartoons, but it is obvious it has angered some on the left while others such as myself can give you a sincere thumbs up.

But I have noticed your inability to accept the usage of my version in recently sent letters of the name Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which I use Alexandria Occasional Cortex — a reference to using half her brain or, in other words as my grandma used to say, “dumber than a box of rocks.”

Three times within the last two years, you have corrected my spelling when in fact it was totally intentional on my part.

On the other hand, liberal letter contributors have in the past and still use “Orange Man Bad,” “tRump” or refer to his followers as “knuckledraggers,” “tRumpers” and “racist redneck Nazis.”

Also, I take a little extra time before submitting my letters and make sure I am 250 words or less because of your announced word limit. But on the other hand, I have counted words of obvious lengthy liberal letter writers and on occasion these have been allowed to 300 to 350 words for the past several years.

So there is still open bias on your part favoring the liberal slant, which is disappointing in many ways. I can assume you see no humor in my use of Alexandria Occasional Cortex.

But I thought it was pretty damn clever and quite funny to say the least.

John Webb


Wants a change

Please go back to the previous Horoscope columnist or find a better writer/prognosticator than the one the Lewiston Tribune is using now. She is an insult to the intelligence of your readers.

Colette Hoffman