Leaving for Montana

After spending 10 years with Friends of the Clearwater as an educator and newsletter editor, Brett Haverstick has accepted a position with Wilderness Watch in Missoula, Mont.

He was a frequent contributor to the Lewiston Tribune with nature pictures, letters and commentaries to inform and inspire readers about Idaho’s fantastic environment. Together with Gary MacFarlane, he has been very productive during this time, which includes stopping megaload shipments bound for the Canadian tar sands. Their efforts aided protecting scenic and recreational values of the Middle Fork Clearwater and Lochsa rivers.

For several years, Haverstick organized a flotilla of small boats protesting dams on the Snake River — the message was “Free the Snake.”

With help from several people, Haverstick and I worked for many years on the natural history of roadless areas in the North Fork Clearwater watershed and the Lochsa River drainage.

We forwarded this information to the U.S. Forest Service in booklet form with hope that these areas will become permanent wilderness sites. During a period of years Haverstick helped me add to the more than 250 proposed and established research natural areas on mostly Forest Service land in Idaho and Montana. These small tracts of land and water are used primarily for research and teaching.

The number of projects Haverstick undertook, grants written, talks given, Renaissance Fair participation and forest planning are too numerous to describe in any detail. ...

Fred Rabe


Death rate underreported

In a White House briefing on April 18, President Donald Trump bragged about our low COVID-19 death rate compared to Western European nations. Trump pointed to Belgium, which had the highest virus deaths per 100,000 citizens. The United Kingdom has now taken the lead in this category.

Belgium, however, has joined France and the Netherlands in reporting virus deaths more accurately. Unlike other countries, they have counted “presumed” virus deaths that have occurred at home as well as in nursing facilities.

In an analysis of excess deaths (those above the normal) in 14 countries, London’s Financial Times concluded that the world’s COVID-19 death toll may be 60 percent higher than reported.

Doing his calculations when our death toll was 90,000, a Harvard statistician has concluded that excess deaths due to the virus may be as high as 30,000.

Coronavirus deaths in New York City rose by 3,700 when probable as well as confirmed cases were added to the toll. Using the same method, health officials in Washington state have announced that they may have to add 2,000 virus fatalities.

Other states, such as Florida, Alabama and Georgia, are going to the “dark side” by refusing or obscuring coronavirus deaths, which their county medical examiners have attempted to report. As of April 16, Alabama had 133 reported deaths with positive virus tests, but only 82 had been attributed to COVID-19.

I’m sure that Trump would be thrilled with this deception.

Nick Gier


Recipe for mass murder

COVID-19, by all accounts, seems to have been planned with a release from a lab with Chinese and U.S. involvement. But why would anyone do that on purpose?

Just look at what they are using the crisis to get in place.

Every now and then, world planners decide we have too many people among the living. The last time this happened was the Holocaust, but it was not the first time. ...

This time, whether you believe it will pan out this way or not, they are setting up a system whereby they will be able to remove anyone at any time from society under the guise of COVID-19 prevention. ...

This is all it is at this time. But install the wrong government officials and you have a recipe for mass abuse of power, even mass murder.

Should you take the COVID-19 test? To find the answer, go to Mikey Landings on YouTube.

Here is how it may work in the future. You post something the powers that be don’t like. A contact tracing team shows you were exposed. You get taken away on a faked result. If you’re lucky, they don’t take your kids away and sex traffic them while you get notice your child died from COVID-19. ...

This is all about forcing a mandatory vaccine on the world for profit and control.

Imagine if Adolf Hitler had inherited a mandatory vaccine program. ...

You can custom fill them with anything you want. No need for fake showers, camps and all those guards. ...

Mike Dietz


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