Open up

If we open our economy up now, some people are going to get sick and some of them will die. If we open up in six months or a year, some people are going to get sick and some of them will die.

Let’s do it now and help save what is left of our businesses. Every day we delay further adds to the destruction of our way of life.

As long as hospitals are not over-loaded, we need to get things moving again and save our country.

Lucky Brandt


War criminal

It is difficult for me to put into words just how incompetent and feckless President Donald Trump has been throughout this whole coronavirus pandemic. He has failed our country in too many ways to list.

The tragic inadequacy of the Trump administration to prepare and get ready for this pandemic is criminal. He knew about the virus the first part of January and refused to do anything to get ready for it. He thought if he said it would go away, then it would go away.

Instead of prepping for the virus to hit our country, Trump partied at Mar-a-Largo, golfed and held fundraisers. He played golf Jan. 18-19, Feb. 1 and 15, and March 7-8.

He hosted rallies on Jan. 9, 14, 28 30 and on Feb. 10, 19, 20, 21 and 28.

Then he lied and said that he didn’t play golf or have rallies during January through March.

Trump doesn’t care that more than 1.3 million people in the U.S. have gotten the coronavirus.

He doesn’t care that more than 90,000 have died from the coronavirus. He has no empathy for the people who have suffered and died from the virus or for their families. Trump only cares about himself. He is a narcissistic idiot.

Trump likes to call himself a “wartime president.” As far as I’m concerned, he should be tried and convicted for his “war crimes against humanity,” just like the Nazis were after World War II.

Joan Vanhorn


Biting the dust

I see in April President Donald Trump has gotten rid of another person (inspector general of the intelligence community) that those in the know place in very high regard for doing the job he was given.

Not much had been said as everyone is focusing on the pandemic. Even though the intelligence community is an independent watchdog community, Trump fired Michael Atkinson for doing his job out of spite for bringing the whisteblower report to Congress.

My, my, another man of integrity, professionalism and commitment to the rule of law has bitten the dust under President Donald.

We all know that Trump was far over the line when he did what he did. But he just fires good people for not covering for him. Does he think their jobs are worthless? Sounds like corruption to me.

Darlene Plant


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