Two-faced Republicans

Talk about being two-faced. Republicans, especially those on the far right fringe, were outraged when health officials were recommending or requiring that face masks be worn in public places in order to contain a highly contagious virus that has claimed more than 1 million lives in this country and hospitalized millions more. These morons claimed that their personal freedoms were being taken away and that their individual rights to make decisions about their own bodies were being trampled upon.

Yet these same daffy people have no qualms about coming after your freedoms and individual rights.

These two-faced Republicans have long wanted to deny women from making decisions about their bodies and their health when they become pregnant. They would require a woman, even in cases of rape, incest or the failure of contraceptive devices, to carry a pregnancy to full term. That woman’s concerns and desires be damned.

And they would criminalize that woman or any person who helps her terminate a pregnancy. This is unconscionable.

But I suspect this is only the beginning. These two-faced Republicans are salivating at the prospect of taking harsher steps and passing additional draconian laws stripping away other rights, starting with voting rights, civil rights, gay rights and birth control. All of this is happening because we are allowing it to happen.

Republicans have succeeded at sending flaky and brainless invertebrates to Congress and our statehouses. We need to stop this. We need to vote the spineless scoundrels out of office.

David Abbott


Good news for rapists

Now that Roe v. Wade will be overturned, is it time for pro-choice activists to start firebombing clinics like the Reliance Center in Lewiston? Or follow employees of these clinics home and harass them and their families? Or murder them as “pro-life” activists have murdered so many abortion providers? Should we be printing wanted posters with these employees’ photos and addresses so as to easily find and identify them?

Of course not.

But it’s undeniable these are the tactics of “pro-life” activists. What’s stopping pro-choice activists from harassing and intimidating everyone trying to utilize facilities like the Reliance Center? That would be well within the boundaries of acceptable behavior as defined by “pro-life” activists.

Violence, threats, intimidation and even murder have always been the mainstay of “pro-life” activists. The behavior of “pro-life” activists has always been undeniably antithetical to the “pro life” claim they make. So how could it be unreasonable to subject them to their own tactics and behavior?

“Pro-life” activists have never been pro life. They’re only pro birth.

Activists like Shannon Eggleston are so deranged and evil they claim it’s rational to force the victims of rape and incest to carry a zygote to term, calling it a blessing. They even think it’s rational to give the rapist the opportunity to sue his victim for financial damages if his victim refuses to carry a fertilized egg to term.

This is exactly what Idaho’s abortion trap law allows for. It allows a rapist to sue his victim.

Brian Rhoades


Help is available

We seem to be living in a time of not hearing.

Many seem to think that others are out to take away the many’s reproductive freedom or right to choose, while others are concerned about the taking of small folks’ right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Idaho Code 25-3502 states:

“(5) ‘Cruel’ or ‘cruelty’ shall mean any or all of the following:

“(a) The intentional and malicious infliction of pain, physical suffering, injury or death upon an animal;

“(b) To maliciously kill, maim, wound, torment, deprive of necessary sustenance, drink or shelter, cruelly beat, mutilate or cruelly kill an animal;

“(c) To subject an animal to needless suffering or inflict unnecessary cruelty;

“(d) To knowingly abandon an animal.”

A baby:

See above.

You can burn him. Remove extremities. Crush her head. Suck out the brains five minutes before he would have gotten a birth certificate.

All quite legal. An abomination.

A better choice would be to use some of the many legal and available means of birth control that do not kill one-third of the parties involved.

If you or somebody you know is pregnant (with child) and is scared, embarrassed or inconvenienced because they did not avail themselves of such or it malfunctioned, please direct them to a crisis pregnancy center or most churches.

These places are filled with people able and willing to help. But you will need to let them know the need. Diapers? Clothing? Formula? Housing? Adoption? Help is available.

Ginny Fischer



Editing introduced an error into Gary Peters’ May 14 letter. He resides in Clarkston.

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