Census watch

The first notification of the Census was to have been sent out by Friday.

By April 1, you should receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census online, by phone or by mail. Census workers do not follow up in person until May if households have not responded.

To verify that the mailing is from the Census Bureau, it should contain “the U.S. Census Bureau” or “U.S. Department of Commerce” and Jeffersonville, Ind., in the return address. The mail-back envelopes for the questionnaire should be addressed to Jeffersonville, Ind., or Phoenix, Ariz.

The Census Bureau also conducts more than 100 other surveys, to get statistics on hospitals, businesses, households, schools and more. If you participated in these surveys, you still must fill out the census. To check whether any surveys you receive are legitimate, Google “list of all surveys and programs — Census Bureau.”

A Census con artist may say you will go to jail or be fined if you do not participate. They might contact you by phone or email, or text you with a link to a phony website. The Census does not ask for money or donations, bank or credit card numbers, Social Security numbers or anything related to political parties. If you suspect fraud, call the Customer Service Center at (800) 923-8282.

Go to 2020census.gov for any questions concerning this once-in-a-decade Census. Getting every person counted will shape our future quality of life for the next 10 years.

Mary Jo Van Gerpen


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