Selective reader

I’m not certain the Tribune’s Opinion editor is among the 85 percent of American “journalists” who donated to Democrat candidates in 2016. But this page rarely misses an opportunity to criticize officials siding with President Donald Trump.

Marty Trillhaase is a selective reader of our founding documents, depending on whether there’s a Democrat or Republican administration. His editorial itemizing the times several members of Congress swore constitutional fealty might read differently were party affiliations reversed.

He didn’t find President Barack Obama’s questionable actions problematic; those fit the Democrat agenda.

When Trump does virtually the same thing, however, then “Article 1 of the Constitution is under assault.”

From Feb. 20: “... The essence of political courage is the willingness to stand up for what’s right — even against the tide of public opinion — and then come home and defend that choice to your constituents.” Why is this different when Trump “stands up” than when Obama did so?

Trump’s constitutional responsibility demands — as it has of the past several presidents — that he control the border. That other presidents gave this political lip service while Trump is actually trying to do something speaks highly of his true character.

Trump knows his emergency declaration may cost him re-election. Therein lies the difference between a principled outsider and a political old guard’s agenda.

If Trump is unable to build the wall, I still think more of him as a man for having tried rather than follow in the footsteps of those who tried not at all.

Rick Rogers


Luckovich lies

I looked at the Feb. 23 issue and Mike Luckovich’s nasty (as usual) political cartoon caught my eye. This has to be the most vile, vicious cartoonist in the ranks of a whole boatload of similar wretches who do their stuff daily.

The cartoon depicted President Donald Trump looking through binoculars and saying he detected a problem at the border, while piles of dead bodies from mass shootings covered the ground behind him.

First and foremost, I deplore the shootings as much as anyone, but there is a topsy-turvy juxtaposition of just pure facts that I must address.

You can find all kinds of answers when fact-checking anything, but you cannot find any verifiable facts that say more people are killed annually in mass shootings than by illegal aliens. You just can’t.

There are approximately 4,200 deaths of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens, while the number of mass shooting victims are fewer than 300 people.

Luckovich’s premise turns that upside down, with room to spare.

I sincerely wish that someone on the Lewiston Tribune’s staff could sort through the daily offerings and reject those that are so completely off-base as to be a complete lie, and nothing else.

Robert Mason


Control the border

Open border politicians believe that they are doing good when, in reality, they are harming poor and middle-income Americans. For the past three or four decades, illegal aliens have entered our country easily. Even if caught, they are released into the U.S. and told to show up for court dates. Few show up and most just disappear into our society. Some experts believe that there are between 20 million and 30 million illegals in our country.

Lower- and middle-income wages in our country have been stagnant for about the same time period. This flood of laborers who will work for dirt cheap has depressed wages for unskilled Americans and over the years has done the same to middle-income workers.

These same politicians, who consider themselves globalists, have backed free but not fair-trade deals such as NAFTA that have drained millions of good-paying manufacturing jobs from our country.

These misguided policies and the damage they have caused has brought about the rise of socialists in the Democratic Party.

Socialism has never worked in the entire history of our world. It always ends up like what we are now witnessing in Venezuela. The capitalism that has guided our country, although not perfect, has overseen the greatest gain of wealth by common people in the history of the world.

Our president has declared himself a nationalist. He has pledged to look out for our country and the common worker, and he is trying to do it. We must control illegal immigration.

Marvin F. Dugger


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