Relies on facts

I don’t know how free thinking helps but facts are essential.

Ivermectin prevented virus entry into cells in the petri dish. However, a much higher dose of ivermectin than approved for human use is necessary to achieve effective concentration in the body. The number of studies on ivermectin sounds impressive. However, combining studies, each with a small number of participants, does not provide more statistical significance. One trial with a larger number of participants states that ivermectin increased risk of death or admission to the intensive care unit. Some are preliminary reports or not statistically significant.

Despite what Richard Eggleston claims about polymerase chain reaction tests, most studies cited by him used PCR as a measure of effectiveness of ivermectin treatment. Read more detailed information about these studies at

Michael Yeadon — not Yeaden — is the former Pfizer executive who demanded that COVID-19 vaccine trials be halted, claiming that COVID-19 vaccine caused infertility without any evidence. His petition was posted on Robert Kennedy Jr.’s anti-vaxxer website. Yeadon also claimed in the UK’s Daily Mail in October that COVID-19 will soon fizzle out. He was definitely wrong about that.

Dr. Simone Gold is the founder of anti-vaccine group America Frontline Doctors. She supports hydroxychloroquine use. When then-President Donald Trump contracted COVID-19, he was not administered hydroxychloroquine. I wonder why?

It may be of interest to readers that Gold was arrested for entering a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct during the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Charlotte Omoto