Won’t fit

Like so many others, I was grateful (dancing in the street) to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, one question — a minor thing, really — came up frequently. Why did the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention make record cards too large to fit into billfolds, cardcases, etc?

Sandra Schmidt-Cash


Kingsley doesn’t care

Working and retired income folks of Nez Perce County, in case you missed it, Rep. Mike Kingsley cares not about your need for tax relief.

House Bill 332 passed out of the Idaho House with Kingsley’s (and Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger’s) support.

This bill will provide 1 percent of tax relief to people who make $1 million, or $10,217.

For those of you making $25,000, you get a $13 tax cut and a one-time rebate of $200.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income in Nez Perce County is $58,107, with per capita income at $29,544. So, if you are a special needs aide serving students in your public Nez Perce County school, you don’t deserve much tax relief. If you are a first-year firefighter with a stay-at-home spouse making $53,000, you don’t deserve much tax relief. If you’re a retired teacher making less than $58,107 per year, you also don’t deserve much tax relief.

You know why? According to Kingsley’s remarks on the floor of the Idaho House: “I’ve never had a poor person offer me a job.”

To paraphrase George Bailey, “Just remember, Rep. Kingsley, that these poor people you are talking about, do most of the working, and paying and living and dying in this community.”

Mary Ann and Scott Funk


Work together, America

If these boys and girls don’t figure things out pretty soon, what happened on Jan. 6 in our nation’s Capitol will become common place or worse yet, succeed. ...

Former President Donald Trump got elected because this country wanted to try something besides a politician and we did not want Hillary Clinton as our president. ...

I voted for her because I figured she was not as big a thief as Trump. I’m not sure if I won that one.

Trump was voted out of office not because he was Republican, but ... because in the eyes of many he is a liar, a criminal, a braggart and a traitor. Trump lost the election because in four years he pissed off enough people, made enough enemies and scared the bejesus out of enough folks that he was shown the door. ...

Americans voted him out, not Republicans or Democrats, just good old red-blooded Americans. ...

Our representatives and our senators, from the national to state level, need to start talking and listening to each other. ...

This nonsense of not talking or listening to each other and making no effort to find common ground because they’re in different political parties is a dereliction of their duty — not to mention childish as hell and stupid. ...

This country is in serious trouble: unemployment, race, COVID-19 and being at each others throats.

Come on, America, we are better than this. ...

We need to stop working apart and start working together.

Gary Kiss