Which state did better?

Going forward, it will be interesting to evaluate how the different states chose to react to the COVID-19 virus.

What will be the best measure used?

Of course, it will be statistics of some kind. Since we know that COVID-19 strikes the elderly the hardest, perhaps it will be a statistic that measures the ratio of deaths per state to nursing home residents per state. In other words, how did each state do at protecting its most vulnerable?

Using the most current statistics I could find, here is a list of ratios from best to worst in our area:

l North Dakota — 273.

l Wyoming —311.

l South Dakota —341.

l Washington — 343.

l Oregon —496.

l Idaho — 581.

Taking two very similar states (ratio wise), Washington and South Dakota were comparatively the same in ratios. But we now know Washington chose to close down its economy while South Dakota remained relatively opened the whole time.

Which state did a better job of protecting its most vulnerable while at the same time protecting its economy? It will be interesting to see how these evaluations take place going forward.

(Hat tip to John Hinderaker at Powerline blog for the introduction to these statistics.)

John Fazzari