Getting better and better

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to the folks at Hillcrest Aviation, Hangar 180, and all the individuals and volunteers who put on the Radials N’ Rivers Fly-In 2019. Also, a special thank you to the aircraft owners and pilots.

There is a great expense in maintaining these aircraft. The quality of aircraft and the airshow were outstanding. This event just keeps getting better each year.

With this year’s bus shuttle service, getting into and out of the event was a snap.

Again, keep up the great work. This is a premier event for the valley.

Wayne and Linda Vantrease


Crosses party lines

On May 20, Luntz Global, which is associated with Republican Frank Luntz, published “National Survey Results On The Climate Leadership Council’s Carbon Dividends Plan.” The carbon dividends resulting from a carbon tax paid by fossil fuel companies would be paid to the American households in quarterly cash payments. The carbon tax is an effort to control the use of fossil fuels and its emissions.

Luntz Global Partners conducted an online poll of 1,000 nationwide voters, ... from May 7-8 in the U.S. The results were reported by percentages of voters by political party who agreed with or disagreed with the Carbon Dividends Plan.

Across all party lines, the voters supported the carbon dividends plan by a margin of 4 to 1. However the support from Republicans was only 2 to 1 overall with 75 percent support from those younger than 40 years old. Overall, it was 53 percent.

Support for the plan among Democrats was 80 percent.

Asked: “Should the government take action to limit carbon emissions,” 75 percent of voters answered “yes,” including 76 percent of Republicans and 89 percent of the Democrats.

Again, recall that the voters answered these questions in May. Did their opinions change recently? Asked: “Over the past year, has your concern about climate change increased or decreased,” 68 percent said it had increased, including 43 percent of Republicans and 74 percent of Democrats. Among Republicans younger than 40, it was 58 percent.

More Democrats than Republicans — and more younger than older Republicans — believe the science of climate change.

Tom Fellows


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