Don’t touch

The Oct. 30 Tribune’s Page 1D had a very well-photographed picture of a view inside Lewis Clark Caverns in Montana by Leif Hoffmann. I plan to clip and save it.

It reminded me of the caves in Missouri just outside of Joplin, where I played as a child in the 1940s. Many of them were naturally illuminated. Some even resembled gem stones. I was mostly fond of the pink stones.

There was a young man who acted as guide for tourists. He used to tell them: “Please don’t touch the ones that are stalactite to the ceiling or those that stalagmite on the floor.”

Judith Lougee


One-sided coverage

For more than two years, Congressman Adam Schiff accused President Donald Trump of horrendous crimes against our country. He claimed countless times to have information proving our president was guilty of treason, a crime punishable by death. He repeatedly accused him of being an agent of Russia and colluding with Russian agents. After spending $30 million on over two years of investigation by 19 lawyers and 40 FBI agents, our president was exonerated of any Russian connection.

Schiff was lying; he had no proof. Now this same man, who should have been charged with slander for smearing our president and who obviously has a vendetta against him, is running the committee to impeach him. He is unfairly hindering our president’s ability to defend himself in the hearings.

This is wrong. It is dishonest. It is a political lynching just like the Russian collusion hoax. There is no evidence proving that our president did anything wrong, only hearsay and opinions. The undeniable facts are: The aid was released, there was no Biden investigation and the president of Ukraine denies that anything ever happened.

Schiff should be replaced with a nonpartisan federal judge or prosecutor or the meetings should be ended.

I am glad the hearings are now available to the public on television. I challenge all the people who are watching this hoax to read the articles from The Associated Press pertaining to the inquiries and compare notes. Then they will understand how one-sided and politically biased the AP is.

Marvin F. Dugger


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