Trump is a creep

In 1987, Donald Trump created the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which was supposed to be a charitable foundation. Board members included Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka. The Trump family decided that “charity begins at home.” They used the donated money as their own personal slush fund.

One of the items Trump paid for out of the “charitable” fund was the $10,000 portrait of himself that hangs in his Doral golf resort in Florida. More of the money was used to pay off business debts and help pay for his campaign.

In January 2016, Trump did a “fake televised fundraiser for veterans.” Only Trump could stand on a stage before millions of people and ask you to donate money for our veterans, and then keep the money for himself. He announced at the end of the telethon that they had raised $6 million that was going to veterans. In truth, the telethon raised $2.8 million and none of it went to our veterans. He lied, again.

New York’s attorney general filed a lawsuit against Trump alleging “persistently illegal conduct” at the Trump Foundation. Trump admitted that the “fundraiser for veterans” was instead a fundraiser to raise money for his presidential campaign. That’s where the money went.

Only a low-life creep who has no morals or principles could do that to our veterans who so desperately need our support.

Trump is that creep.

The Trump Foundation was closed in 2018 and ordered to pay $2 million to specified charities.

Joan Vanhorn


Biased coverage

The Nov. 21 Lewiston Tribune article titled “Sondland: ‘Everyone was in the loop’ ” was typical of every Tribune article about the impeachment hearings. The articles presented the left’s biased viewpoint, leaving out important information favorable to President Donald Trump.

This one, for example, left out that Sondland contradicted his opening statement, other witness testimony and even the article headline under cross examination.

Sondland said “I think, ... ” “I am fairly comfortable, ... ” “It is my assumption, ... ” or a similar version when asked about important details.

Every witness who was asked whether he or she had direct knowledge of Trump committing bribery, treason or any other crime said “no.”

However, it does not matter to the Democrats since they think “hearsay evidence is better than direct evidence.”

I assume that an assumption proves an impeachable offense.

The Democrats tell us no one is above the law in reference to the president, his family, or any associate. We now know it does not include the Bidens or any rival of Trump’s.

How dare the president even suggest Burisma be investigated.

These hearings remind me of Democrat Sen. Harry Reid saying on national television from the Senate floor he had proof that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes for a decade.

Reid was asked by CNN about a year later “Why did you lie to the American people when you knew the truth?” Adam Schiff could give the same answer as Reid did: “He didn’t win, did he?”

Rick Hanks


What are cops doing?

I’m curious: Has anyone ever wondered what law enforcement officers do that tires them out? I have.

Both the city and county want money for some reason. Why aren’t there citations written for out-of-state plates or talking on cellphones with big fines?

I have observed these violations daily.

I have observed officers drive by them.

Could they be blind? When they do, where are they going? It looks like routine patrol.

How many of you people have observed the same?

I wonder how many citations are written for these violations.

Now I remember the excuse: It’s not their priority or there aren’t enough personnel to investigate.

For example, I turned in an out-of-state plate by a triple offender. I have never been told it is not a violation. I’ve just been given excuses.

Doesn’t anyone care what their tax money is being spent for?

File a public records request. See how much time they spend from the radio logs. Do you residents still pay the high license cost? If so, get out-of-state plates. Watch the citations written then.

Then as far as having $2 million in unpaid fines, why can’t they impound the vehicles if they are caught while driving and impose an impound fee?

Make an example on warrants and drivers under suspension. More money will be coming in.

Jim Griffin


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