Drugs cost too much

Americans pay the highest brand name drug prices in the world. Congress and the administration must take action now to lower prescription drug prices, the root cause of this problem.

That’s why the Senate needs to pass the Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act when it returns from the August recess. Its time.

AARP Idaho strongly urges Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Rich to support this bipartisan legislation by voting “yes.”

In 2017, the average annual cost for one brand name medication used on a chronic basis was almost $6,800. For the average older American taking 4.5 prescription drugs per month, the average annual cost of therapy would have been more than $30,000.

No American should be forced to choose between paying for medicines he needs and paying for food, rent or other necessities.

We urge our Idaho senators to work together with all members of Congress and the administration to lower prescription drug prices.

Tom Trail

Idaho AARP state president


Trump loyalists can leave

Some letters in the Lewiston Tribune have called me a liar. The letters were obviously written by brainwashed Trumplicans, the same dolts who believed President Donald Trump’s “birther” nonsense.

Trump perfected the fraudulent “liar” counterargument. Whenever he hears or sees something he doesn’t like, he labels it “fake.” When his cult minions encounter something that contradicts their brainwashing, they emulate their messiah and shout: “Liar.”

This lazy debate strategy is easier than conducting research to validate the truth. In the Trump, cult honesty and integrity have no value.

Intelligent Tribune readers deserve to know that every fact in my letters is backed by two independent sources. And my opinions, while not facts, are nonetheless supported by the 56 percent of Americans who recognize our commander in cheat is an unqualified, dishonest putz.

Trumplicans are now chanting “love it or leave it,” but during the Obama era, those same individuals squawked and whined incessantly about the administration. Why didn’t they love it or leave it?

Honest Americans are speaking out against the Trump administration’s graft and corruption. We’re not leaving and we’re not being quiet.

If you don’t like it, you can leave.

Paul Oman


Despises Trump

Recent letters from President Donald Trump’s supporters continue to press “Demrats,” to explain why we so dislike their king.

Easy. First off, the Party of Anything Trump Says uses grade-school, petulant, spoiled-brat name-calling as its foil, reverting to these childish acts as its only method of expression. Forget about reasonable discourse. Many are the reasons I despise this disgusting, petulant man.

Second, Trump lies more than Satan. Trump told Americans so many lies , he lied to cover the first lie he told, to cover the second lie, and so on.

Twelve-thousand lies later, the Party of Anything Trump Says is dizzily ecstatic.

Because President Barack Obama set new records of deportation, Trump fabricated the border “crisis.” Even though immigration was at historic lows, Trump could not allow Obama to appear meaner than he was so your king doubled down. ...

Trump used immigration services to illegally kidnap children ... from their mothers, storing them in chain-link enclosures and generously gave them cuddly Mylar blankets, C-rations and no love. Then, after deporting the moms, some of the children died. Trump, upon learning of the atrocities, yawned, tweeting — boring — and then went golfing.

Furthermore, the demi-god promised his base no Social Security and Medicaid cuts. Another lie but, because so-called conservatives consider these things freebies, their constituents’ essential programs get axed, forcing us seniors into paying for Trump “reforms.” That’s how the king, elites, banks and corporations reaped many billions in tax savings and middle class Americans got 50 bucks. ...

Jim Roach


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