Enemies of the people

It should be obvious by now the Robert Mueller “investigation” was just another whitewash a la the Brett Kavanaugh sham, only on a much grander and costlier scale.

Nothing’s changed except President Donald Trump now has carte blanche to keep stumbling, fumbling, mumbling and bumbling his way into ignominy and infamy. Meanwhile the elephants and donkeys in the so-called government keep enriching themselves and their fellow oligarchs while pretending to be on opposite sides of the fence. ...

But they are really on the same side: the one with the money.

Fox News prime time anchor Tucker Carlson writes in “Ship of Fools” that “our leaders are fools, unaware they are captaining a sinking ship.”

He says the ruling class doesn’t care about America or its citizens: “The ruling class regards America the way a private equity firm sizes up an aging conglomerate: as something they can profit from. When it fails they are gone.”

Carlson says the wealthy oligarchs all have money stashed offshore and foreign passports and have no intention of sticking around for the messy crash.

In “Ship of Fools,” Carlson continues, “our leaders continually work against the interests of the people. The one system that absolutely does not work and never will is ersatz democracy. If you tell people they’re in charge and act like they’re not, you’ll infuriate them. It’s too dishonest. “They’ll go crazy.

“Oligarchies posing as democracies will always be overthrown in the end.”

For the “fair and balanced” Carlson, another amen.

Marco Munez


No freedom at all

Is mankind more concerned with having or being? The Age of Enlightenment sure holds a dim candle these days because freedom, without liberty, is no freedom at all.

Freedom withers when injustice thrives. So cast your stones if you must or love your neighbor as yourselves. One or the other, or get out of the way.

For the world has real questions with few real answers from city, state or country and of those in charge.

With our hope and his grace, mankind can overcome its fears and doubts — or he may very well continue his devolution to the level of the rat.

Randy E. Black


Overcoming stress

Recently, two girls from my Girl Scout troop and I completed our Silver Award, the highest award a Girl Scout in middle school can earn.

We did this by creating an e-book to help pet owners overcome anxiety when taking their pet to visit the veterinarian.

On June 7, I saw the article in the Lewiston Tribune titled “Study: Stress is contagious, especially for pet canines.”

I am writing to you because I feel that our project is pertinent to this article, which reported a study done on dogs, testing the stress hormone cortisol and how the levels compared to their owners. The researchers believe from their findings that dogs’ stress reflects their owners’ stress levels.

Our e-book is designed with youth in mind, with a short story about taking your dog to the vet, tips and tricks, and it includes stress-reduction techniques using yoga and breathing exercises for the pet owner.

If your readers would like to access our e-book, go to the Facebook page “pawprints 3737” and click on the book link.

Sophie Henderson


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